MIcrosoft Lumia 960 aka Lumia Northstar

The images of Microsoft’s canceled flagship smartphone, the ‘Lumia 960’ or Lumia Northstar has leaked on the internet. This reveals that what Microsoft had planned originally for their Lumia 950 successor.

It has been no secret that in the past two years Microsoft has changed their smartphone business plans drastically. They started focusing more on business class users from general consumers. And due to that many upcoming Windows phones were canceled internally within the company. From our sources, we can confirm that in this list of canceled devices there were also the mid-ranged Lumia 850 and 750. Below is the leaked photos of Microsoft’s Lumia 950 successor which could have been the ‘Lumia 960’.

MIcrosoft Lumia 960 aka Lumia Northstar

Again,  from our sources, we can confirm that the device was codenamed as ‘Northstar’. This device was also used internally within the company to build and Windows 10 Mobile as an engineering prototype. Coming to the design of the device, it has a full metal unibody construction unlike the polycarbonate back of the Lumia 950. The device looks quite similar to the Lumia 950. However, this canceled device had dual front speakers which the Lumia 950 didn’t have.

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In the specifications line, the device had Snapdragon 820 inside it and also a QHD display. Moreover, the iconic 20 MP PureView camera of Microsoft’s flagship device was also present there. There was also a triple LED flash included for better low light photography. However, the device never saw the daylight.

While Microsoft has not officially revealed or commented on the leaked photos but it is quite understandable that they would have named the device something similar if it was not canceled. However, now we know that the company is working on a new flagship device which is supposed to launch this fall. But there are also possibilities that the device will feature a surface branding rather than the Lumia.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding Microsoft’s next flagship. Till then let us know if you would miss the Lumia brand?