iOS 11 Everything you need to know

The next version of Apple iOS is set to deliver a number of ground breaking features, especially for iPad users. Below are the twelve changes that you will see in iOS 11.

What’s New in iOS 11:

  1. Improved Camera Experience
  2. Customize-able Control Center
  3. Better Keyboard
  4. Augmented Reality Apps
  5. Fresh-Looking App Store
  6. Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay Payments
  7. Smarter Siri
  8. Dedicated Driving Mode
  9. Improved Multitasking (iPad-Only)
  10. A Brand-New App Dock (iPad-Only)
  11. Dedicated File Manager (iPad-Only)
  12. Improved Apple Pencil Functionality (iPad-Only)

iOS 11 Everything you need to knowThe most important update is the camera update with new more ways to capture Live Photos, including Loop and Bounce effects. Dedicated portrait camera mode is greatly improved too.

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