Top 5 gadgets under ₹250

There are several gadgets under ₹250. Some of them might be pretty handy for you some of them might be not. So, we have shortlisted top 5 gadgets available in Amazon India considering different aspects. These gadgets can be really helpful for most of us in our daily life.

List of top 5 Gadgets Under ₹250 :

1. Mini USB LED Light

Mi LED Light

This LED light will come pretty handy if you don’t have a backlit keyboard.

2. 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Phone Lens Kit

If you love to take wide angle or macro shots then you’ll love this set of lenses.

3. Portable Micro USB Fan

Portable Micro USB FAN

Power cut? Use your phone or laptop to get some cool breeze.

 4. 16 LED Selfie Flash

16 LED Selfie Flash

Selfie lovers this one is for you! Use this to get ample light even in dark environment.

5. Quantum Slim USB 2.0 HUB


Laptop owners these days having only one or two USB port will definitely need this.

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