What is SMSed?

SMSed is a simple app for Android devices which will allow forwarding OTPs to your trusted contacts. In order to do this, we just need to define simple rules within the app. Not only forwarding OTPs, the app can be also used to forward any messages to your desired contacts. Now you’ll ask we can also do message forwarding manually, of Corse you can but the app will allow you to do this effortlessly. This app just needs to be set up only for first time and then rest work will be by this app automatically in the background. Currently, the app is only available on Google play store for Android devices. We hope the developers will also launch SMSed for the iOS devices.

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What is the purpose of SMSed?

Now after knowing about the app, one may ask what the point of using this app is. We will give the answers to mention the probable use case scenarios of this app.

  • In case of filing GST for clients. GST is a very complex thing for a business person. So in order to file the GST, they appoint CA Consultant to handle this. Whenever the CA Consultant will try to file the GST returns for the client, they will need the OTP sent by the GOVT. to the client. In order to do so, they will have to call the client asking the OTP every time and it can be annoying so by using SMSed this problem can be solved easily.
  • A personal assistant needs to call his/her Boss for OTP every time when he/she needs to make a payment for online bookings like his/her Train journey, hotel bookings, etc. A one-time SMSed setup can be very handy in this situation.
  • A wife has to call her husband for OTP in case she is using her husband’s credit card or debit card for online shopping. This can be done effortlessly using the SMSed app.
  • Now a person can have more than one smartphones and as we know almost every smartphone has dual SIM. It is not necessary that person will always carry two smartphones in his/her pocket. In case of traveling or in general when they need to pay using their credit or debit card they’ll need OTP but that mobile is at home. So in this case, if that person uses the SMSed app they don’t need to worry about what phone to carry in their pocket anymore.
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Features of SMSed:

  • Inbox: Inbox displays messages which are forwarded to you on the basis of Rules set by other user using the App. You may also receive an SMS separately.
  • Outbox: Outbox displays messages which are forwarded to destination contact number as per rules configured by you.
  • Rules: Define Sender ID/Mobile number whose SMS you want to forward. Then insert the destination Contact number to which the message received from that Sender ID is to be forwarded.
  • Settings: Specify your name (or Nickname) which shall be appended with the message received from the sender ID and forwarded to destination Contact number. Also, in case of dual SIM, select the network service provider which shall be used for SMS to be forwarded. Carrier charges shall apply.
  • Call Back: Notifies the destination contact person that you are expecting his/her call back through push notifications.

How to Install and Setup SMSed?

  1. Download the SMSed app from the Google Play store (or click here) and then install it.
  2. Open the app then click on the register button on the screen.
  3. After clicking the registration button a new window will open where you need to put your mobile number. After entering the number tap on request for OTP button.
  4. Verifying the OTP you’ll be forwarded to the registration window where you need to fill out all the fields and tick on terms & condition box for completing the registration.
  5. On registering successfully you’ll need to log in the app with the registered mobile no. and password.
  6. To set up the app click on the rules button then tap on the + button to add rules. Then you need to fill out the sender no. and the receiver no. (Forward to contact no.) And also fill the contact person name then click on save button.
  7. You can also add multiple rules by doing the above-mentioned step.
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Now starting with the app UI part the app has a very user-friendly UI nothing complex. The app can be used by anyone by simply following above mentioned steps. While we were testing the app, we found a few bugs like hitting the back button and then clicking on the prompt exit option not working. You need to directly hit the home button to go back and a slight lag was in the keyboard input part. However, while we tested on some other devices that problem was not happening probably minor compatibility issue. The bugs can be easily fixed via an update and it is not a deal breaker at all. Although, the overall user experience was smooth and definitely the app get the job done.

Now coming to the security part of the app, it only accesses contacts, SMS, Phone, Wi-Fi, full network access and Device info. That’s all it needs to get the job done, nothing scary happening under the hood. Other security concerns like the safety of the OTPs, this part is completely managed by the user while setting the rules in the app. The user should be completely aware of their trusted contacts whom to forward the OTPs. The app can be very handy in case of our above-mentioned use case scenarios. If you are the person who has often face any of the situations mentioned earlier and If you are the one who has to often deal with a lot of OTPs forwarding than SMSed is the right app for you.  So don’t waste any time download SMSed app right now from Google play store and get SMSed.

Download the SMSed App from Google Play:

[appbox googleplay com.elitetechnocrats.smsforwarding]