Since Feb 2014 Whats app has been acquired by Facebook. And that is the time from when Whats app is getting constant updates. Not only frequent updates but WhatsApp is coming with new and amazing features. Now a few more features and changes are making way to the beta testers of the application.


WhatsApp new update will come with lot more features. Some of these new features are as follows

WhatsApp New Features

  • Picture in Picture (PiP) mode for video calls
  • Private replies to members in group chats:
  • Tap to unblock
  • Invite via link
  • Shake to report

Picture in Picture (PiP) mode for whats app:

In this new feature, the user can do a video call in a minimized format. That is in a floating window format. The floating window can be adjusted according to the user’s need. For now, the user cannot leave the call without pausing the video. The application will also let the user play video in floating window.

Private replies to members in group chats:

Members of WhatsApp group chat can respond to text privately. To use this option user have to click on the small arrow on the top corner of the message and opt for ‘Reply Privately’ option.

Tap to unblock:

This new feature will let the user unblock another user on a single tap. To use this feature user will have to long press the contact and send a message to the contact.

Invite via a link: 

As the name suggests this feature will let the admin of a WhatsApp group invite another user via an Invite Link to the group. With this method, the new participant can be added directly to the group.

Shake to Report:

To use this features your phone should have particular sensors, this feature will open the Contact Us section on the application to report any inconsistencies.

These features are not live yet but are likely to be live in near future on WhatsApp beta we will surely give you s deep tutorial on these features.

Till then tell us your views on these features in the comment section below and Stay Tuned to TECH HUNDRED for more updates related to TECH.