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What is your way to judge a phone, or what do you think how people judge a phone? What kind of phone do you prefer to buy in this competitive world? Other than specifications, everyone needs a phone with a good camera, isn’t it?

Nowadays cameras are the key to a better phone. Today every smartphone manufacturer is trying to bring their phone with a better camera than that of their rivals. Not only that, camera in a flagship-grade smartphone today is almost as good as a mid-range DSLR.

People nowadays like to capture their every moment of life on their phones due to the portability. Therefore, people are always in search of better cameras. with a better camera, clarity comes in picture. People are more towards clear pictures and more pixels. Furthermore, instantly sharing life moments on the social media has now become necessary. For which a good smartphone camera is a key.Leica Tripple CameraThis year was a revolutionary year for camera design. We are now seeing dual rear cameras in almost every new phone. But what next, we might see a combination of three rear cameras in near future.

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About the 40 MP Triple Leica Camera

If leaks are to be believed, Huawei is planning to design a combination of three rear cameras on their upcoming flagship. Evan Blass on his twitter handle (@evleaks) has hinted at a new smartphone camera coming from Huawei that will not just offer super high-resolution pictures, but also a wide selection of lenses.

Evan Blass has said that he has seen a copy from the company’s marketing agency where it shows that Huawei along with Leica is developing a smartphone with a 40MP, 3 lenses rear camera with 5x hybrid zoom. Moreover, it might have a 24 MP front-facing camera. The copy also mentions a ‘Pro Night Mode’ and ‘Pro AI camera assist’. As Huawei’s P series is their flagship series of smartphones, we guess the mentioned device will be the  Huawei P11.

The successor to Lumia 1020?

Till now the only one phone with 40+ megapixel camera has been released and it was the Lumia 1020. Back in 2013, Nokia shocked the world with their 41 MP camera sensor on Lumia 1020. But Huawei is coming with something even better. The combination of three sensors on the back and by using AI technology Huawei is targeting to provide seamless image quality. In past, Huawei has already come up with the 2x lossless zoom which relies on a 20 MP dedicated a monochrome camera to boost the details captured by the 12 MP main color sensor.

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This whole setup can be called as the successor to the Lumia 1020. Last year, Huawei has established a camera R&D center in Tampere, Finland, they are also employing a number of ex-Nokia ex-Microsoft engineers.

This was all about the ‘maybe Huawei P11’ for now. Let us know what do you think about the upgradtion from dual lens to of triple lenses camera in the comment section below.

We will be providing more on the Huawei’s triple Leica camera as soon as the next news breaks. Till then stay tuned to Tech Hundred for more updates related to TECH.