Seeing AI


Seeing AI

Microsoft released a nee AI related app this year named Seeing AI that changes the lives of blind and low vision community. With the help of AI, this app can sense and describe nearby people, text, and objects. The users of this app and just hold up their phone and hear information about the world around them.

Seeing AI v2.0 app was Announced yesterday by Microsoft. Microsoft with this new version of the app has announced several new features and expanded availability. Other than features, Seeing AI is now available in 35 countries, including the European Union. Microsoft has made this app even more useful by adding four new channels those are Currency, Color, Light, and Handwriting.

Some new features on Seeing AI v2.0 :

  • Color recognition: Seeing AI now will recognize color and can describe the color of an object, like garments in your closet or color of a box or anything.
  • Currency recognition: Now it’s easier to manage your money as Seeing AI can now recognize the currency. US dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, and Euros are recognized for now. But more currencies are expected in the future update.
  • Musical light detector: The app alerts you with a corresponding audible tone. When you aim the phone’s camera at the light in the environment. A newly convenient tool so you don’t have to touch hot bulbs to know that a light is switched off, or the battery pack’s LED is on.
  • Handwriting recognition: The main feature on this update is, Seeing AI can now read printed text, Such as paragraphs or signs. The newly improved ability to read handwriting means you can read personal notes in a greeting card. Also printed stylized text not usually readable by optical character recognition.
  • Reading documents: The app has got so advanced that it can read a document for you aloud without voiceover but with synchronized word highlighting. Seeing AI can also help you with changing text size on the Document channel.
  • Ability to choose voices and speed: You can also personalize the app according to your need. You can choose between voiceover and the voice that is used and how fast it talks.

Download the updated app here from Apple App Store.

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