Nokia is coming with another smartphone next year. A new smartphone from Nokia with code TA-1047 has passed certification at FCC revealing some information about it. The device will be having dimensions of 133*68 mm. The diagonal measurement has it at 140mm or around 5.5-inch. Also, it will be a Dual-Sim smartphone.

by NPU

This Phone will be something different from all other phones in the market as can be seen by its Size specs. This device seems to be quite compact as compared to other Phones by the company. Which make this device more interesting to know about.

by NPU

The phone will come with Bluetooth 4.2 and LTE bands 5, 7 and, 38 support. It will come with FM support. As this is a very initial stage for the device. So we cant say what exactly are we talking about. But it can be said that the company is coming with something interesting. 2018 might be starting with this new phone.

Not just this device but also Nokia 6  2018 (TA-1054) has already leaked in all its glory via TENNA Certification. Nokia 6 with its less-bezel design has helped in making it more compact than Nokia 6 2017. But its compactivity of 133*68 mm is a doubtable question. Let’s see what will be the other leaks coming from this device.

This smartphone from Nokia might be targeted for US market. Because the diagonal measurements show that the display will be 5 inches. The same kind of phone was Nokia 2. Which also comes with a display of 5 Inch. But it looks like a different device as Nokia 2 Specs Size was of 143.5*71.3.

As we said it is an initial stage to talk more about this phone. But we will surely let you know more about this phone. As we get more information on the phone.

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