Huawei 3D facial recognition technology

Huawei 3D facial recognition technology

2017 was a year, where a lot of new Technology was introduced when we talk about smartphones. One of such technology was face  ID by Apple. Huawei took it as a challenge and is coming with 3D facial recognition technology at a recent event in London.

Huawei is not just trying to come with their own facial recognition. But are claiming that their Point Cloud Depth Camera is ten times more accurate than the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera. Which shows that they are coming with something great now let’s see how it turns out to be.

Also, recently leaked document show that Huawei’s next flagship may include a notch at the top of the phone also it might include this 3D Tech. Yes Like it or not but the notch is likely to come. As Apple did it so it is normal that other companies are going to do it. Not only Huawei but a lot of companies will be including camera cut-outs. Also,  some of them are reportedly looking to take advantage of the notch and offer their own alternatives to Apple’s TrueDepth camera suite.

But the biggest contender we have seen till now is Huawei. During the Honor view 10’s launch in China, we saw that Huawei is taking on the technology. Huawei ended up giving a complete brief demonstration of how the system’s multiple sensors combine and, of course, a quick look at how they handle their animated animal emojis.

It has seen that Huawei P11 might come with a notch but it is still a mystery if we can see a Face ID kind of feature in its upcoming smartphone. But it is for sure that Huawei is working on this new tech. As they showed off again during the Honor View 10 and Honor 7X launch event in London.

Here’s a video by Notebook Italia where Honor’s device engineer, Matthew Leone gave us a quick demonstration of 3D imaging tech and how it might fit on a future Huawei or Honor phone.

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