Facebook new changes

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the current date. This is because facebook keeps updating itself. As the only way to be on the top is keep updating with new trends.

Now you will just see meaningful posts on Facebook :

Facebook, when it came was a platform where people can connect.  You added friends, sharing your status updates, and pictures. But things changed with time and so facebook too. It is all about advertisements, and videos clogged up users’ News Feeds. People spoke out and it seems Facebook listened. The social network is rolling out changes to how your News Feed looks.

Now your every post will get a score. Which will determine where it places the post in your News Feed, and how far down you have to scroll to see it. In easy words, the company is going to give more weight to posts it thinks matter to you. Which includes personal posts from friends or family, and especially those looking for a suggestion or sparking a conversation. Also, video comments can be a new feature which indeed is going to get more weight according to the Facebook.

What does this mean?

This means that you might see less post on your Feed. As Posts from pages will show up less, and further down in your Feed. The bad news for other companies is, it is expected that the reach of posts made by companies to decrease. But users can still find content from pages they enjoy by clicking the “Show First” option. But this impact will differ from page to page. As it seems like those who spur conversation won’t be hit as hard.

We all know this is going to be done with the help of algorithms. And people know how to play with algorithms. The company says that it will demote posts which use engagement-bait in an attempt to rank higher. As the company wants your time to be spent on watching those things which are really necessary for you.

This change is going to roll out over the next few month and will affect all platforms.

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