Honor V10 and Honor View 10

Honor View 10 (known as Honor V10 globally) was a buzz from last few months as everyone was expecting a lot from the manufacturer. Honor said that they are coming with the best of all smartphones available in the market. And they surely did come with one of the best smartphones for its price. At the time of launch, there was no facial unlock available on the device. But now Honor has started pushing an OTA update which enabled Face Unlock. Surely, Honor has made one thing clear with this OTA that they are not offering any space to OnePlus or Apple.

Honor announced the rollout of the much-awaited software update today. This update will enable Face Unlock feature through intelligent face recognition in Honor View 10. The rollout has started from 17th January and will be rolled out to everyone by 24th January 2018.

Honor V10

Face Unlock comes to Honor View 10 (or Honor V10)

To enable facial recognition, you will have to enable the accusing Face recognition feature in phone settings menu. You can enroll your face by simply looking at the camera. The Honor View 10 (or Honor V10) will detect your face by detecting the positioning between you and the phone and adjusts the direction accordingly.

This new AI technology will help you in three ways.

  1. Intelligent lock screen notifications: When a new message comes in and you pick up the phone, Honor View 10 recognizes your face and lets you read the message without unlocking the phone and opening an app.
  2. The intelligent screen on Honor View 10 knows that you are reading the screen because it sees your eyes. When it sees you are no longer reading, it will turn off the screen.
  3. Intelligent display orientation: Honor View 10 detects the positioning between the phone and you and adjusts the direction accordingly.

Honor View 10 OTA update ChangeLogs:

  • The face unlocks will not work if your eyes are closed.
  • Intelligent screen on – your screen will not turn off while it will be in focus
  • Changeable camera background –  Now you can change the background with the available effect. But the feature is available on the front-facing camera.
  • Ai Motion Detection –  Now you can take moving pictures from your front-facing camera
  • Super-resolution imaging – With a high-powered zoom, Using AI super-resolution algorithm bring detail enhancement, the processor will enhance the resolution.

Honor V10

Along with all these features, the Honor View 10 comes at an attractive price point of INR 29,999. Honor View 10 is one of the most affordable AI enabled smartphones. It comes with a powerful Kirin 970 chipset. The Kirin 970 includes a Neural-Network Processing Unit (NPU) at the heart of View 10’s extreme performance. Several Al applications with moving pictures, changeable backgrounds takes advantage of this NPU. The Honor View 10 can also translate different languages in real-time even without an Internet connection and understand user’s behaviors and optimizes the phone’s performance.

Other than this the Honor View 10 has an octa-core ARM Cortex CPU and Mali-G72 12-core GPU. A 6GB + 128GB memory gives it a great multitasking ability as well as enough storage. Honor View 10 has a special gaming suite which significantly increases the performance of mobile games. The 3,750 mAh battery and fast charging capabilities make the device ideal for gamers and heavy users. If you are looking for cameras than Honor View 10 has a high-definition 16MP + 20MP dual-lens camera with F/1.8 wide aperture and 2-in-1 PDAF automatic focusing.

You can read more about the Honor View 10 from here: Honor V10 launched with 10 nm Kirin 970 SoC with AI capabilities