Instagram Video Calling

Instagram will now allow you to do Video calling to your follower or following. Instagram is one of the most popular social media’s. It is popular because they are consistent with providing updates and new and amazing features to the users. A long time after enabling its users with the Direct message feature, Instagram is now reportedly testing a feature to enable video calls

This new video calling feature is still a rumored feature. But if they implement this new feature that it will make this social media a step closer to Snapchat. As Snapchat that already allowing its users to make audio and video calls alongside offering a dedicated chat option. However, Instagram has officially refused to comment on the new development.

This video calling feature on Instagram, which was spotted by WhatsApp fan blog WABetaInfo, will let the user make video call directly from an Instagram Direct message thread. It is being said that it is no in its testing phase. A screenshot is available from the source to prove its existence. The leaked screenshot allegedly shows a new video call icon in the top-right corner of an Instagram Direct message, and it appears similar to what’s presently available on WhatsApp.

Instagram Video Calling

You can see a video calling Icon through which user will be able to do a video call with a one-tap gesture when a user is in an active chat. Further, the video call feature is claimed to be available in the next few months for both Android and iOS devices.When asked about the authenticity of the rumor, a spokesperson refused to comment. “We don’t comment on rumors and speculations,” the spokesperson told TechCrunch.

This new video calling feature might not become a part of Instagram totally. However, it would help the social media to enhance its user engagements through a feature like a video calling. As users nowadays prefer to always stay connected with their contacts. No matter whether they’re uploading a new image or adding a GIF to their story.

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