WhatsApp Payment

As we all know WhatsApp was going to add Payment Feature in there app. So, WhatsApp is finally rolling out new UPI based payment system in India. The rollout was made in batches and was really slow but finally, it seems to be completed. If you are interested in using the service to pay your friends and family. Then You can head below and check out how to setup and use it to pay or receive money using WhatsApp.

To use this feature you need to set up payments by linking your Bank Account. To do so, click on the three dots on the right corner and then click on the payments. Now, start the linking process. Note that the mobile number which is linked to bank account. Now WhatsApp will send a message for linking the account and then and select your bank from the list of banks. Once done, it will ask you to select the Bank Account to add and the setup will be completed.WhatsApp Payment

Till now you might have successfully linked your account to the app. Now, you need to select the contact to send money and tap on attachment option in the chat. Select Payment and enter the amount you want to send. Also, you can add a caption to keep the record for what you have paid for. Then, you will be asked to enter UPI PIN. If you don’t know what UPI PIN is then UPI PIN is a 6-digit code you can generate from your bank’s mobile app or Internet banking website. It is used to make all the UPI Payments. Once you have created it, you can select enter UPI PIN and type the UPI PIN. Now, just click on the Tick mark and the payment will be done in few seconds.

WhatsApp Payment

So this was the complete process of how to use the new payment feature by WhatsApp. Let us know what do you think about this new feature by WhatsApp.

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