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Reliance Jio is a well-known company in India which is known widely for providing affordable data services to common people. However, Jio is not limited to its network related services. They offer music, data storage solutions, Tv applications, Financial apps, etc. In this particular article, we are going to talk about the Jio TV service which reliance Jio launched along with Jio Sim in India.

Jio TV is a premium service provided to Jio customers. By using this service, Jio customers can watch their favorite Tv serials and channels on the go on their portable devices.You can watch movies, sports, live news, kids channel, etc. It is like having a mini Tv inside your pocket. The best part is that you can also view channels and programs which aired seven days ago. This unique feature is well appreciated by its customers as now they are able to watch their missed shows and serials.

Can I Watch That Channel on Jio Tv?

Jio Tv is currently offering 550+ regular Tv channels and 100+ HD channels for consumers. You can access this service to if you’re a Jio Prime user. The best part about this Tv service is that it is portable, easy to use and multi-language oriented. Jio Tv offers ten different genres and 15 different languages for your favorite content.

Most watched Channels On Jio Tv

If you’re wondering what kind of channels does it support, then have a look at this list of most common channels that users watch on Jio Tv.

  • Colors
  • Star Tv
  • Star Movies
  • Sony Sab
  • MAX
  • Sony ESPN
  • Zee TV
  • ABP News
  • Nick
  • Toonami
  • Sony Six HD
  • Discovery
  • NEO Sports
  • Neo Prime

Well, the list goes on as we mentioned earlier that it supports 550+ channels. So whether you want to watch a show, a movie, sports, news or cartoons; Jio Tv got you covered.

This is truly a great platform for India to switch from Cable Tv and set-top boxes to Portable Tv services like Jio Tv. Not even its affordable but its also portable. Could you have imagined that one day you will be moving around with a portable live Tv inside your pocket?

How To Get Jio Tv

To use Jio Tv, you should be a customer of Jio services. To become a Jio customer, you simply have to buy a new Jio Sim or port your existing number into Jio. After that, you need to recharge your sim and buy the prime subscription package which only costs 99 INR a month. After purchasing the Prime pack all Jio Prime services including Jio Tv will get unlocked and you will be able to use them.

Using Jio Tv on Your Smartphone

As we talked earlier that you can watch live tv and you missed shows on your portable device like smartphones and tablets we are giving you this short tutorial. First of all, you should be a jio prime member. If you are not a jio prime member, then the JioTv app will simply not work you, buddy. Nowadays most of Jio sims are coming with pro pack pre-activated by sim vendors.

To check whether you have the prime membership or not, simply go to my jio app and check for your plan. You will see a jio prime membership work Rs 99 activated at the bottom of your pack. If you’re missing this, then you have to first activate your Jio prime membership.

First of all, you will need Jio Tv app to access their services. Now the good part is that the app is available for both iOS and Android users. This is great as you will be able to watch live tv and your favorite show on your Android as well as Apple devices.

Download the JioTv app for Android from here

Download the JioTv app for iOS from here

How To Use JioTv Application

So you have installed the application and want to watch your favorite shows and Tv channels. JioTv app for iOS and Android have a similar user interface. Kindly check these steps below for a quick tutorial on how to use JioTv app on your smartphone.

1. Launch JioTv app from your app drawer or home.

2. Allow permissions for making and managing phone calls. It will also ask for your location so that it can provide you better service. Please note that JioTv will not make calls on your behalf. These permissions are required to access their Jio Tv servers.

3. After granting them permissions, you will be taken to the JioTv dashboard. Here you will be able to see different channels for their current shows and upcoming shows.

4. To demonstrate the live channel feature, we selected the Colours TV channel where Chandrakanta was airing in real time.

5. After selecting the channel, the live show begins.

How To Look For Your Favorite Show in JioTv

We have covered this part, and this is how you can access a live channel on JioTv app. Now, what if you want to watch a program called “Taarak Metha Ka Ooltah Chashmah” on the app. Well, it’s quite simple.

1. Go back to the dashboard windows and click on the search icon present at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Now start searching up the title for your favorite show. In this case, we are looking for “Taarak Metha Ka Ooltah Chashmah.” So we simply need to type it in until we see some automated search results. When you see it in the automated searches, simply select it.

3. Now it will show you Show details. You will be able to watch it live if its currently airing on the channel. If it isn’t, then you have the option to watch the last catchup shows which were aired on past seven days.

4. Click on the shows (whether the live show of catch up shows), and it will immediately start playing up.

How To Watch Jio Tv on Your Computer

What if your phone is charging up and you don’t want to miss the live tv show? Well, Jio got your back. Now you can watch Live Tv on your computer as well.

Jio Recently announced its Jio Tv service as Publicly available for general people if they don’t actually are using a Jio sim connection. You can access this service whether you have the Jio prime membership or not. Its basically like the Netflix or Amazon prime services where you can watch your favorite channels, movies or shows on your laptop or desktop computer. JioTv Web version has live streaming service for roughly four hundred channels.

This Web service was made public to general users because Jio sim users wanted to watch live tv on their laptop devices which make perfect sense. Watching live tv and your favorite shows are much better experience when you are watching it on a big monitor instead of a 5-inch smartphone. So Jio Tv is also offering Sixty HD channels on their Web version, but you need a high-speed internet connection in order to watch it without irritating buffering issues.

To access the web version, all you need to do is go to and log in with your Jio account details. After successful login, you will see a similar user interface with several live channels on the dashboard. You can look up for your favorite Tv shows via search option. Rest of it is pretty much the same as Jio Tv app.

So guys what do you think about this service offered by Jio telecommunications? Have you used this service yet? If not then, please do! And don’t forget to tell your friends about it.