Instagram Portrait mode

Instagram is one of the most favorite apps for sharing Images and videos. Not just sharing pictures and videos you can now make a voice or video calls. As an APK teardown of the Instagram for Android and Instagram Direct apps have shown some mysterious files that are pointing towards the new features. Facebook, the parent company behind Instagram, could use the voice and video calling support to take on Snapchat, which already faced criticism for a recent redesign.

Reports from TechCrunch suggests that you might see a “Call” and “Video Call” functionality on the APK files of the Instagram and Instagram Direct apps. Still, we don’t have any confirmed report on the update as An spokesperson refused to give official confirmation on the new finding and told TechCrunch, “I’m afraid we can’t comment on this one.” However, there is a history of burying unreleased features within the app code.

Some of the XDA Developers claim that they have spotted a couple of points in the Instagram app that are defining the video chat feature. Also, a video call button was spotted in January that appeared to be testing internally.

Implementing this new feature might be a topic of discussion for the company as these features aren’t something fresh for Snapchatters. Snapchat launched video calling support back in 2014 and added features to record audio and video notes in 2016.

But having this feature will help the company to give good competition to Snapchat and some other apps. it already has Facebook and WhatsApp as the two platforms to make communication for its users easier and convenient than what they can get from Snapchat. Moreover, Instagram could enable calling support to Facebook and WhatsApp accounts to reach new heights.

This App has a userbase of over 800 million users – with 500 million daily active users. So this decision can affect them in both the ways. Let’s see when are we going to see these new features.

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