Android P

Google yesterday announced the first Android P developer preview for its Pixel smartphones. No one expected that Android P will reach us so early. But the first Android P developer preview is available for Pixel phones. This is the end of the road for major platform updates for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Also, The name of the Android P is not decided yet. The first developer preview seemingly focuses on changes that will affect developers. These changes include the following:

Few new features in Android P

  1. Notch support: As we know Apple has already included a notch in its iPhone X. Many other smartphone makers are planning to come with a notch. So,  Developers can tinker with APIs to simulate how content appears with the notch at the top. Android P will support 4 type of displays from None, Narrow display cutout, Tall display cutout, and Wide display cutout.
  2. Multi-camera: This features will allow you to access streams from two or more cameras The more straightforward scenario is recording the surroundings and your beautiful mug at the same time, though more novel applications could be possible.
  3. Idel apps: Idle applications can no longer access the microphone, camera, or device sensors. Android P will not allow Idel applications to access the device sensors. Idle apps trying to access the camera, for example, will be met with system errors and possibly break as a result.
  4. Enhanced notifications: The new “MessagingStyle” notification type allows developers to show conversations, attach inline photos and stickers, and include Smart Reply suggestions. Even though the extent of Smart Reply suggestions is unclear at the moment. Android Messages could be the first messaging app to integrate the new notification type.

These are not all the new features, we will let you know all other features as they come to us.  Let us tell you one thing about the developers’ preview that as it is the 1st developer preview it will definitely contain bugs and will be unstable in nature. Ensure that you have another device next to you since you will not want to install the developer preview on your main smartphone.

However, if you can’t wait and want to flash the OS manually right now, you can download Developer Preview 1 builds for your devices at the links below:

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