It seems that Google might have just leaked an important feature coming in android P. The upcoming OS of Google. As per the information is concerned Android P will be coming with the support for gesture-based navigation.

Here’s What Google posted:

Found Anything Odd? See the Navigation bar again!

This is how it currently works on pixel 2 running on Android O or Android P beta version:

Now, why did the Google’s Android team experiment with some wacky designs? They have removed the recent button, and replaced the stylish back button with the hollow design and squished the home button to the pill shape. As a result, this gives the feel of home button from iPhone-X. These all things conveys that gesture navigation might be a reality in android-P.

Since it is a fact that, a lot of android manufacturer companies have implemented navigation gestures over the years, Google would be thinking and consider the change in stock android against the giant iPhone X. Therefore, as per the theoretical concepts are concerned, gesture controls based navigation allows you to shrink the navigation bar and save some screen, although it may fail in case of this particular image. As per Stephan Hall from 9to5google(h/t Arstechnica), it’s Completely gesturing control navigation. The recent button is gone. Hence the back button is just a case of temporal need-” explaining the lopsided lock.”

As mentioned and explained in the post. Android P is coming with an all new sliding animation when navigating within an app. Seems like would work nicely with swiping gestures. Which ultimately gives the feel that it would make a disappearing back button inessential. Maybe Google just doesn’t want to confuse long-time Android users.

As a result, the traditional navigation bar has been replaced. Moreover, I have a strong feeling that the old one had the better experience, bold and attractive looks.I’d be happy to see it return as an optional configuration. Although, we will come to know in the coming Google I/O in few weeks time.