Idea VoLTE

NEW DELHI: Idea Cellular Limited recently announced that they are working on new Idea VoLTE baes services for their customers across six major markets. These include Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. According to Idea Cellular, this service will be out for customers starting May 2, 2018. As a result, Idea will become the fourth telecom company in India to offer VoLTE services to their customers. In the current scenario, Only Jio is the major VoLTE service provider in India while Vodafone and Airtel are following up pretty quickly.

Idea Customers will get free 10GB data

Good news for Idea cellular customers! They will get free 10 GB data within 48 hours of making their first Volte call. According to the company, Volte calls will be charged according to the customer’s existing tariff plans.

According to experts, Idea will try to compete and outreach to Vodafone customers in terms of internet speed and affordable packages. However, with the successful launch of their Idea VoLTE services, Idea will rapidly gain a position in the telecom market share.

Introduction of VoLTE services on Idea Cellular will allow the company to free up 2G & 3G bands for voice calling service. As a result, this will allow the telecom more airwaves to meet the increasing internet demand in developing India.

Idea VoLTE service by Idea Cellular

VoLTE technology allows network operators to pass voice as well as data through the same network channel. In this technology, the voice is just another application which runs on the LTE data network.

Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said. “The launch of Idea VoLTE is a testimony to our commitment to digitally connect customers and a major milestone in Idea’s mobility journey. We aim to provide a better and richer call quality experience to our customers through this revolutionary new technology.”

Idea says that the new VoLTE service will allow their subscribers to steam internet efficiently. They will also enjoy clean calls on their new VoLTE service. Users out of VoLTE coverage area will automatically shift to regular 2G and 3G calling bands.

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