Google had recently finished their Google I/O and we have got a lot of amazing things to look for. The most exciting were that of the latest Android P Developer Preview 2. With this new version, Android has got tons and tons of changes in user interface, settings panel, and other features. Although you might have seen or read about the majority of the features earlier, we have here covered here the latest changes.

Android P Latest Features

Here we have skipped the features of Android P Developer Preview 1. Still, we have a lot to cover from Android P Developer Preview 2. Interesting, huh? Let us have a look at its features:

1. Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Google now uses AI to maintain better battery life on your smartphone. With the use of Deep Mind technology, it will prioritize the apps that you use the most and that you don’t use frequently. Thus, the lesser used apps will no longer suck your battery power. As a result, you can squeeze out the most of your battery life 😉

Another feature that uses the AI is “Brightness”. With the help of AI, it will figure out your brightness preferences using the ambient sensor. All the preferences like in what lighting you keep your brightness full or half. Once it has learned your patterns, the brightness will be adjusted automatically.

2. App Actions

Another area where Google is going to use AI is the App Actions. By learning your previous patterns it will suggest you the next move. For instance, you just finished checking your mail and now you will jump to WhatsApp to check other messages. It will suggest you some actions for WhatsApp the next time you use Gmail and close the app.

3. Slices

This is probably one of my favorite features from Developer Preview 2. It is somewhat similar to App Actions. Based on your preferences and patterns it will provide you a deeper look into your apps. For instance, you searched for Ola. It will provide you suggestions based on your saved locations like Office or Home. Cool, isn’t it?

4. Improved Notification System

With each and every update of Android, we have seen a better and faster notification panel. And so is the case with this latest Android update. For instance, you don’t like to read notifications from a certain app and just swipe it. The AI will suggest you to mute notifications for those apps.

5. Gestures

With every update, Google tries to provide simplicity in its UI. And to do that this time they have initiated Gestures. These Gestures have replaced the traditional navigation bar. To enable the Gestures, navigate to Settings > System > Gestures. Now swipe up on the Home button to enable them. This will not w replace your traditional navigation bar with a pill icon:”)

  • Single tap on this pill icon will take you to home screen.
  • Swiping up will provide access to multitasking
  • A long swipe up will let you access the app drawer.

6. App Timer

The app timer helps you in maintaining the time you spend on your phone. It allows you set a time limit for using a particular app. Once you have set the timer and it gets over, the screen will turn gray in color. I hope an option to lock the app after that time would be added soon for those who don’t have self-control. But still, this is a great initiative from Google.

7. All New DND Mode

The new DND mode not just only silences your tone and vibration. It even hides all the visual notification interruptions to keep you away from the phone while working. No matter whatever notification is to be displayed, the phone will neither ring or vibrate nor show any visuals.

Also, a new easier way is here to enable the DND mode. Just turn your device over the surface and it will enter into DND mode. This would help you a lot in concentrating on your work.

8. Wind Down

Another feature introduced in 2nd Developer Preview for the well-being of the users is Wind Down. It will turn your display gray, enable the DND mode and switch to the Nightlight to remind you of sleep. You can set the Wind down using Google assistant. Once it’s triggered, it will set everything reminding you to go to sleep. Interesting, huh?

9. Starred Contacts

At times, somebody in emergency may need to contact you for help. Well, its god to see that Google stands it. So you can set preferences of such contacts. The starred contacts will bypass the DND mode to contact you with ease. Also, you can set the repeated callers. In case someone is repeatedly calling you, it will bypass the DND mode. This is my personal; favorite feature from Android P 😉

10. New Volume Menu

Along with all other customizations and tweaks, the Volume panel has been adjusted too. It now has a smaller, simpler and minimal look. And the best part is that it has got a new action to put the phone on vibrate or silent mode without unlocking the screen.

For this, navigate to Settings > Sound > Shortcut to prevent ringing. Now set the preference to vibrate, mute or do nothing as per your desire. Once done, hit the power button and volume up button to trigger this action.

Final Verdict

Well, those were only the coolest and best features from the Developer Preview 2. With the upcoming beta updates and official updates, you’re going to see a hell lot of changes. Do let us know your favorite feature from this list in the comment section below. Excited about the official update? Me too! Till then wait and stay tuned to Tech100 for more awesome content like this 🙂