Dash Charge

The ‘Dash Charge’, One of the most loved features of OnePlus. Dash Charge is OnePlus’ proprietary fast charging technology. One of the most highlighting features since years. Two years back, the Chinese mobile maker had introduced the feature in OnePlus 3. The smartphone came bundled with a Dash Charging adapter, which the company claimed and proved that this Dhas Charge tech can charge the phone 60% in just 30 minutes. However, OnePlus now appears set to ditch the ‘Dash Charge’ name soon.

Dash Charge

OnePlus Ditched “Dash Charge”

OnePlus’ latest flagship OnePlus 6 was launched earlier this month. Which undoubtedly is getting a good and huge attention by fans of the company. But at the global launch event in London, the term Dash Charge was not mentioned at all. As per the reports, OnePlus is going to Quit Dash Charging and has already started moving away from the Dash Charging as in the latest  OxygenOS Open Beta the term has been replaced by ‘charging rapidly’. Also, all Dash Charger cables are now named ‘Fast Charge’ in the company’s global online store.

Interestingly the name is still being used by the company at least in India as the name is still present in the companies India website. It is also worth noting that the company mentioned the term during the India launch of OnePlus 6. Also, all Dash Charge cables are now named ‘Fast Charge’ in the company’s global online store.

According to reports, the company said that it had filed a trademark for the Dash Charge moniker in the US and EU in 2016. However, the EU rejected the application in March this year, as two companies challenged it. Wireless audio company Bragi, as well as Amazon, had contested the Dash Charge trademark in the EU. Amazon’s Dash Replacement service enables connected devices to order goods from the platform when supplies are low.

So it is clear that OnePlus don’t want to mention Dash Charge at the London event but did so in India. OnePlus might be using the name out of the popularity in India but not the worldwide. But there is no change in the fast-charging technology.

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