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Finding the best Android TV box in today’s market is pretty hard to find especially when it’s your first TV box. There is too many different android box which offers different features, so it’s necessary for us to find the perfect one. First of all Android TV box is a small setup box which runs on an Android operating system. We can do many things like live streaming, YouTube etc.

It’s just changing the way to watch the television In today’s generation. It’s not just an entertainment device but if you are familiar with smartphones than you can run all apps in your Android TV box. Most of the Android box comes with a custom remote so you can enjoy gaming properly.

Best Android TV Box in Market 2018

Down below are some of the best Android TV boxes available in the market. We have only added budget android TV boxes on this list.

Cubetek Android Smart TV Box

This is a great android TV box. It runs on latest version of Android and supports 4k video streaming. It supports latest LTE bands along with wifi connectivity. The CPU architecture of this android TV box is based on 64-bit technology. Because of that, this box is very powerful. Attach a wireless keyboard and mouse and you can use it just like a PC. Moreover, it is very much affordable for general people.

Profitech MXQ PRO Amlogic S905x Android 6.0 TV Box

This is the next best thing to what we discussed above. It is budget friendly and runs on latest version of Android. the user interface of this Android TV box is very easy to use and ideal for senior citizens. Its CPU is clocked at 2GHz which is more than enough handle all your media consumption needs. Furthermore, you can also add up wireless gaming pads and can enjoy gaming on a big TV screen.

TANIX TX3 MINI Smart Android TV Box

This is another great option if you’re looking for best Android TV box. This box comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity. It supports 1GB DDR3 RAM which is more than enough to power your apps. You can easily install new smart TV apps and play games as well. This is a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a smart Android TV box.

VUUV V2 Smart Android Mini PC / TV Box

VUUV smart android mini PC is another great example of Android TV box. You can use this little box to convert your old TV box into a smart TV. It can even work as a personal computer if you can add up a wireless keyboard and a mouse. It also supports external hard drive, so you can load up a lot of movies and watch them in free time.

Divinext MXQ Android Smart TV Box Mini PC

This Android TV box runs on latest quad-core CPU. It also comes with inbuilt storage of 8 GB. In this storage, you can easily fill up at least four movies. Furthermore, you can also join some external media too. There are four USB ports available in the front to attach input peripherals.

Amkette EvoTV 2 Smart Android Media Streaming Device

This is also one of the best as well as premium Android TV box. You can easily feel the premium quality by touching its box. The interface of this box is also easy to use and straightforward. It comes preloaded with a lot of apps and games like Netflix, Facebook, youtube etc.

So, Guys, these are all the best Android Smart TV boxes you need to know about These all are budget-friendly options. Let us know what you think about them. Thank you for reading.

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