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Introduction to PUBG Mobile

Well, it was a great idea to drop 100 players on a huge map and let them loot and survive to win. Although the game has many rip-offs, still PUBG mobile is one of our favorite and most competitive games.

The game was initially released in the Alpha stage in 2016 for the tester which has plenty of bugs. Later in March 2017, the game was officially launched for PC, although it was still buggy and lacked optimization, Gamers found this game pretty nice and unique and hence it got popular amongst gamers within a month. Since then many new maps, vehicles, and guns are added to the game and the bugs are being removed with regular updates.

When the game was launched for PC, it needed pretty powerful PCs to run and hence imagining such a heavy game to be officially launched for Android and iOS devices was hard. But the development team did a great job by porting the game to the mobile devices with exactly same gameplay and maps.

At first, only Erangel map was launched but with new updates, Miramar map got added to the game and along with the new Arcade modes, cars and weapons were added making the game even better experience to play.

PUBG mobile is regularly being updated and tested. First, the changes are released for the Chinese version, later those changes are released for the global beta version and at the end after a lot of testing and improvement, the changes are finally released globally.

Recently PUBG Mobile Beta v0.6.0 was released with new features and other patches, we will talk about the changes in this article. To play the beta version you can opt to be a beta tester on Play Store or get the download link from their Official Discord server.

Whats New in PUBG Mobile Global Beta v0.6.0

One of the biggest feature added to PUBG mobile in this update is that now you can play it in either TPP or FPP, that is you can either play it in third person perspective or the first-person perspective. Along with FPP many other features and changes are made to PUBG Mobile which is as follows: –

  • First Person Perspective: Now you can play classic and Arcade mode in First Person Perspective(FPP) mod for a more competitive gaming experience.
  • 100 player Arcade: A new Arcade mode is added where 100 people will join to play on a 4×4 map with triple the normal loot and rules similar to classic mode. If you are confused about the size, The Normal size of Miramar and Erangel is 8×8, thus in Numbers, the size is half the size of the full map but in reality, the size of the map will feel very small. The new map on PC named Sanhok is of size 4×4 if that helps you to understand.
  • Weapon Gallery: Now you can view all the available weapons in the gallery with their stats and attachments. You can also check how the weapon looks with or without different attachments from all the angles.
  • Sub Weapons can be carried: Now you can carry a third sub-weapon along with two main weapons, the third weapon can be a Pistol just like the PC version where you can carry additional Pistol along with two main weapons which can turn out to be handy when you run out of ammo.
  • There are some bug fixes and Patches made to the game like now if a teammate will hit you with a vehicle by mistake, you won’t get any damage. This is a really handy feature because when we are killed by a teammate that feels really annoying.
  • Voice Chat Tweaks: Now you can mute and unmute individual teammates and some other voice controls are also added.
  • New Key Setting Buttons: Team HP bar, car exit buttons, etc., are now improved.
  • More Mark points on the map: Two new mark points are introduced to the map that is item ping and danger ping.

That’s all about the changelog of the PUBG Mobile v0.6.0.


Although this update is not as vast as the Miramar update of the last month still some very important tweaks and patches are implemented and few important features are added to keep your interest in the game.

As I have mentioned earlier this version is now under beta release and will be released globally by mid-June because last version was released in mid may so you can either wait for release or install beta version on your phone but remember if you install beta version you will be playing on test servers and you can only play with other people on beta version only hence you won’t be able to play with players on the stable version.

That’s all about the upcoming update on PUBG mobile, I hope you like this article. Do let us know if you have any query regarding the new update by commenting down below and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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