Samsung Galaxy Note 9

summary: The most awaited feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is its position of the fingerprint sensor. In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the fingerprint reader was too close to the camera lens, leading to concerns about smudging. The Galaxy Note 9 will not have an in-display fingerprint reader. Samsung settled for one at the back of the handset. The leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case shows that they did not repeat the mistake of last year, and actually moved the fingerprint reader away from the camera module. To know more about the news read the whole article.

Main article: Samsung’s upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been a hot topic for a while. There are a lot of leaks and rumors for the Galaxy Note 9 which may have confused you about who actually the phone will be. Unearthed early accessory prototype, like this screen protector, has already shed some light on hardware. Now a new case of Galaxy Note 9 shows its camera and fingerprint position.

Unearthed early accessory prototype, like this screen protector, has already shed some light on hardware. The position of the fingerprint sensor has been changed after the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The fingerprint reader is now just below the camera as we all wanted it to be.

The case may however also have revealed a secret and welcome new feature. The camera is expected to be the main innovation in the Galaxy Note 9, with the handset expected to feature the same dual-aperture camera as the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The case also shows one interesting feature. the right lower side of the case (left in the picture) there appears to be a cut-out for what can only be a camera button, which if true should cheer our ex-Lumia readers who enjoyed that feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Key Specification

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a 6.3-inch screen size. It will be 8.8 mm thick with a18.5:9 aspect ratio screen with QHD+ resolution. The smartphone is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9810 or upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. Depending upon the region, with 6 gigs of RAM and up to 256GB storage. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a 3,850mAh battery.

Samsung is expected to announce the handset at their Unpacked event on the 9th August 2018. We will give exact details in coming days.

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