steam accidentally leaks just cause 4


Summary: Just Cause, one of the most popular series of game is soon bringing the 4th Series of the Game, the Just Cause 4. Steam, the Ultimate Online Game Platform today, faced an embarrassing situation when they listed the upcoming Just Cause for pre-orders by mistake. This was not official by the Company and was most probably a technical glitch. Anyways, this gives us the gamers a sign that the Just Cause 4 is launching anytime soon. Read the full article to learn more about the same.

Main Article: Steam which is undoubtedly the most Ultimate Online Game Platform in the gaming history sometimes faces some awkward situations. We have seen a lot of such situation where the Company unwillingly leaks the Upcoming Games.

Steam Accidentally leaks Just Cause 4 ahead of E3 2018

Well, same happened today when the Company listed the Just Cause 4 for Pre-Orders by mistake. A popup appeared on the Steam for a minute which featured an image of the upcoming Just Cause 4 and said, pre-order now. When the users tried to click on the Popup in excitement thinking that it is official, they were disappointed.

Why? you ask? Well, clicking on the image did nothing but it just redirected them to the Steam’s home page. So there they are gamers who went crazy seeing the poster of the Just Cause 4 but got nothing except disappointment. The Poster didn’t give any clue for the launch date or anything. You can take a look at the snapshot of that pop up here.

As you can see, all it says is the Just Cause 4 and Pre-Purchase now with a button saying Click for Details which redirected us, the gamers to the Steam’s Homepage.

Well, to conclude all this, we can surely say that the Just Cause 4 is coming anytime soon on the Steam and would be available for pre-purchase as well. We don’t really know the exact date, but we would update you once we get some information. Till then, keep a watch on your Steam to pre-purchase the game before everyone else.

That’s it, guys, this was our take on Steam Accidentally leaks Just Cause 4 ahead of E3 2018. Are you excited for the Just Cause 4? Well, let us know what do you think about it in the comments section down below.

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