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Twitter updates its PWA with improved Explore functionality. Twitter is rolling out series of changes to its explore functionality, making it easier to use to follow up on different topics. If you don’t know the twitter app on windows store is a PWA(Progressive Web App) app. Twitter PWA app will now allow exploring more organized topic tabs. Twitter is also adapting the Moments feature to make it easier to navigate as a result of tests it had run earlier, changes are rolling out these changes now, and they can be accessed via Twitter’s Windows app.

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Twitter has started rolling out few changes to its explore functionality. According to them, these changes will make it easier to use to follow up on a different topic. Just to let you know Twitter for Windows app is a PWA (Progressive Web App). Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web and are Reliable, Fast, and Engaging. As the app is a PWA< these changes will roll out to your Windows app on Windows 10 or supported builds on Windows 10 Mobile.

Twitter PWA

One of the changes made by Twitter will allow Exploring more organized topic tabs, this one is an experimental US-only feature for iOS and Android, so it’s not really relevant to most users here. Nevertheless, here’s what company says:

We heard from you that Explore would be easier to navigate if it was organized by topic instead of content type (video, articles, etc). We’re now experimenting with topic tabs in Explore so it’s easier to see what’s happening in news and entertainment, and what’s most relevant to you. Available in the coming months to everyone in the US on iOS and Android.

Twitter is likewise adjusting the Moments highlight to make it simpler to navigate because of tests it had run before, as observed underneath:

Right now, you swipe horizontally to read Moments, but our research showed us that Moments are easier to use vertically, just like your timeline. In our tests of this new look, we saw significantly more people using and returning to Moments. So, we’re starting to introduce this new vertical timeline experience for Moments.

Some Moments — including Moments outside of the US, Sponsored Moments and Moments created by you — will temporarily continue to be horizontal as we roll out this change.

Twitter is rolling these updates now, and they can be accessed by their Windows application, no updates required.

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