Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018: The 2018 FIFA World cup Russia will see the introduction of Video assistant referee or VAR for specific incidents. Those incidents involve match changing situations. The VAR team will support the referees with the help of a centralized video operation room. This centralized video operation room is located at the international broadcast center in Moscow.

The VAR team in Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 consists of video assistant referee. And three assistant video assistant referee. In addition, four replay operators will select. And provide the best angles from all relevant broadcast cameras. Plus, two additional offside cameras. Moreover, the Venues receives the feedback generated from the video operational room. Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 output which includes all the angles viewed by the VAR team. And in addition, also the operational room camera feedback.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 Review Process

The VAR team supports the decision-making process of the referee in four-match changing situations. Those four-match changing situations are;

  • Goals: Basically, this situations consists of the conditions where steps are taken against or for the goals. And offenses leading to a goal.
  • Penalties: Just like the goals, the VAR team also checks the penalties. While other situations include: Offences leading to the penalties that VAR team handles.
  • Red Card: Apart from the goals and penalties of another major situation. Is Direct red card situations. The VAR team checks the conditions of the player getting direct red cards. In addition, VAR team also checks the offenses leading to the red card situations and confusions.
  • Mistaken Identity: Mistaken identity is another major situation. Leading to an interruption to the gameplay. The VAR team avoids and handles the Confusing conditions. That is leading to the problems and stoppage to the play.

Throughout the match, the Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 team focuses and constantly checks these four situations. While they check for these four scenarios and contact with the referee when they find some clear and obvious or serious missed incidents. Meanwhile, the referee has the right to stop and restart the play just to contact and communicate with Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018.

The referee can delay by signaling the ‘pointing to the Ear’. And after that, the further process is checked. Once the VAR team and referee decides that the decision is reviewable. Then, the referee signals the official review. The referee signals by making the outline of the TV screen. The referee makes the decision. Either based on the information received by the VAR team. Or personally review the whole scenario in the referee review area.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 – Information System

FIFA staff member follows the situations in a review referee area. He is responsible for generating official VAR review information. Via network touch tablet. The information triggers and produces messages. On web and venue based commentary system.

The tablet information provides the updated and detailed data on the VAR review. The data is taken and seen via different colors. The yellow messages indicate that there could be a delay in the match. The Red display will show. The VAR official review detail. While the Green messages will display the outcome of the VAR review.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) Technology in World Cup 2018 –  Giant Screen Coverage

Keeping in with the FIFA’s safe coverage, within another stadium. the initial process in the big screen begins with the camel wide shot. With the initiation of the review process. The implementation of the composition. Of an official picture in the picture takes place. The picture consists of the informative graphics. With nice wide shot and the video operational room camera. After the final decision, the viewers will only view the conclusive result scenario on the giant screen.

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