CS:GO Panorama UI Update

CS:GO Panorama UI Update: Global offensive’s latest panorama update goes live today as a beta version. This will bring UI and visual changes which haven’t been done in nearly six years. According to the announcement of CS:GO Panorama UI update, this will be the most substantial change to CS: GO interface since its first launch in 2012. From the main menu to the scoreboard, everything is been redesigned!

Valve has just rolled out CS:GO Panorama UI update. Panorama UI was expected to be launched in 2017, but Valve is lacking behind 6 months as they announced it recently which is still a beta update. According to Valve, this beta update will smooth the gameplay and there will not be any kind of fluctuation in FPS count.

CS:GO Panorama UI Update features

Panorama is a UI framework developed by Valve. It is based on web assets including HTML5, CSS & JS. this enables it for rapid development, high performance, and high-quality graphics even in low-end PCs. A person can also integrate Panorama with 3D models, particle effects etc.

With new Panorama update, the front end dashboard UI will get enhancements along with new in-game custom UIs. According to valve’s development site, they state that this new CS:GO Panorama UI Update will bring following changes:

  • It enables rapid development, high quality, and high-performance interfaces
  • Supports seamless integration with game content

CS:GO Panorama UI Update Changelogs

Since the previous CS:GO Panorama UI update, nothing much has changed as from a gamer perspective. However, the good news is that the games will now load much faster thanks to web assets. This enables us to image all the possibilities by replacing virtual UI assets.

  • After the update, the game UI seems much more modern looking: Previously game had many elements which makes it look like straight from 2010 game directory With latest Panorama update, all the game UI elements are replaced with CSS and HTML5, So it seems much more modern and responsive at the same time.
  • Enables visual facelift: Now you will get much better graphics than ever while playing your game.
  • Introduction of new features: New features like recent posts on the landing page, explanatory tooltips, etc
  • Easy navigation via the various pre-match menu: Now players can browse through their pre-match navigation menu easily.

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How To Get The Panorama Update

If you also want to enjoy CS:GO Panorama UI Update on your game then you can do so by opting for beta depot and playing the Panorama version of the game. You might get a little sad when I tell you that currently the new Panorama beta only supports “Practise with bots” mode. But you can still enjoy the game with your friends by inviting them to a private server.

Steps to get CS:GO Panorama UI Update

  1. Open the Steam client & navigate to your Steam LIBRARY.
  2. Right click on CS:GO panel & select “Properties
  3. Click on the BETAS tab.
  4. Select the beta you would like to opt into through the drop-down box.
  5. It will prompt you to restart your client. After restarting, launch CS:GO to play the game with Panorama Beta changes.

Developers already made it clear that they are working on minor updates on Panorama as the biggest pieces are ready. According to this, the full release won’t take too long 😀


According to some users, there is a slight improvement in FPS. There are also improvements in quality of the image with new functionalities like details stats, a new buy menu and much more. According to me, this update needs more enhancements before rolling it out in the public. But I recommend everyone to try the new CS:GO Panorama UI Update in order to get familiar with all the minor details and enhancements. I’m sure you all gamers will love this update.