WhatsApp is coming with another new update. WhatsApp is currently rolling out a new feature to their messaging app. Which should make it easier for organizations or groups to send out announcements  to members of the group. This feature will let the admins set up a group where only admins are able to send messages. This feature can prove to be very useful for any organization to create an announcement group where authorities can make announcements and avoid unwanted messages or off-topic conversations. The feature is currently being rolled out to Android and Windows Phone users.

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WhatsApp is consistent in giving interesting updates. Recently WhatsApp has rolled out it’s ‘forwarded’ label update where you can see if the message forwarded from somewhere or not. Again, WhatsApp is here with a new interesting update. According to the new update you can now create a Read-only group.

The firm has announced a new option that essentially allows group chat admins to create one-way broadcast channels, a feature seen on other social services like Telegram and Discord. This is a new way to give more control to group Admin. But it’s also a big step towards letting users turn the app into a way of receiving announcements or breaking news.

According to WhatsApp,

“One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations. We’ve introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases”

It likewise gives clients a simple method to take after declarations in view of things like shared themes of intrigue or nearby news.

We have been observing that the Facebook’s social platforms have been borrowing features from rivals social media apps. For example, Instagram copying Stories from Snapchat and it may be easy to see WhatsApp doing the same from Telegram. But it is good to see the app improving day by day. Let’s see what comes next.

New WhatsApp Update – Everything You Need to Know