Best Android TVs under 50000 in India

Best Android TVs under 50000 in India: The modern smart TV’s range is no more an idiot box. They offer much more than a traditional TV. Now you can easily stream Netflix, can play games and watch the latest news on your smart TV. These are some of the new features of modern smart TV. If you are also fond of the latest technology, then check out this post on Best Android TVs under 50000 in India.

Best android TVs under 50000 in India

Looking for the Best Android TVs under 50000 in India, well you came to the right place! There are a lot of really good options to choose from; people can choose between different models and sizes. In the last few years, TVs are evolving very rapidly. So its normal for a consumer to switch from the traditional TV to a smart TV. Today in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best android TVs under 50000 in India which you can purchase today.

List of Top 5 Best Android TVs under 50000 in India

We have looked through and did our research just for you. In this article, you will be able to see the latest features from the best android TVs under 50000 in India. I’m sure you will be able to make a better purchase decision after reading this article. So without any further wait, let’s get started.

Sony KLV-40W672E (₹49,990)

It is one of the best android TVs under 50000 in India. The KLV-40W672E is a super-slim stunner of a TV. An ultra-svelte TV which is undoubtedly going to impress onlookers. The 4K HDR-ready Sony KLV-40W672E has helped set the bar for what a viewing experience can be with the latest technology available. Moreover, it supports a smart cable management system that yields a clean look on the back, if used wisely.

The certified ultra HD Premium by the UHD Alliances is among the most advanced televisions today. Featuring HDR, Wide Color Gamut and 4K resolution. It is one of the best android TVs under 50000 in India with 4K display capability. The Sony KLV-40W672E also has Android TV, so you can pair with your Android smartphone or tablet for casting music, movies, and photos through the built-in Chromecast support. The microphone built into is of a fair standard style remote. Because of all these features, we are listing it as no. 1 in our list of best android TVs under 50000 in India.

Although it is not activated directly when put out of the box. But you can do so because it makes searching things a lot easier. Just by pressing and holding the mic button you engage OK GOOGLE.  Also, you’ll find a plethora of smart features, including a beautifully organized menu system with a well built-in search. Plus, the addition of continuously updated apps offers a future-proofed experience that’s not as easily guaranteed on other smart branding options.

 Samsung 32K5300 (₹36,000)

This is another great mention in our list of best android TVs under 50000 in India. This is like a new level of brightness. You will be able to find the smallest of the details even in the darkest shadows. It has never been like experiencing all shades of rich and life-like colors with the Samsung’s Eco-Friendly Quantum Dot technology. So get yourself ready for a clear view with an Ultra Black technology which uses its unique Nano-scaled individual patterns to reduce light reflections.

Gamers will surely love the unique features such as “quantum dot” technology. It gives incredible brightness, color, and sharpness to the image. You will be experiencing every vivid detail with 4X the resolution on a Full HD TV. It enhances contrasts, color, and sharpness for better image quality using the UHD Dimming technology. The very powerful Quad Core Processor speeds up your Smart TV, making it react to commands instantly.

Samsung is also one of the best companies when you’re looking for the best android TVs under 50000 in India. The smart interface it provides is quite easy to navigate and full of features that paired with super-simplified remote control.  Also, it is effortless to share your content on TV using the Samsung Smart View App. Moreover, using ConnectShare, you can watch a variety of content in one simple go. You just have to plug in your USB or HDD into the TV, and that’s it. Enjoy your movies, music, and pictures on the big screen.

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LG 43LJ554T 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (₹47,990)

Combining the elegance of glass with the unparalleled sophistication of OLED for an image in a 43 inch classy OLED 4K HDR Smart TV. It offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range, from the brilliant brights to the deepest darks. It doesn’t matter where you seat in the TV room or you are in front of viewing the TV from the side.

This is the best android TVs under 50000 in India regarding picture quality. You’ll be getting a clear, vibrant picture without the washed-out tones. Simply it is like Gorgeous picture no matter how you look at it. The Dolby Atmos audio is such impressive that it turns your home into no less than a cinema. So why wasting more time and money, just bring a big screen to the Living Room and end the debate of finding the best TV.

The built-in soundbar offers outstanding native sound while still housing four HDMI ports, Ethernet, and three USB ports. Offering the same feature set as other LG’s pricier smart TVs, the WebOS 3.0 interface offers Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection, and Magic Zoom. With the LG OLED TV, every sound you’ll hear will be incredibly realistic. Like the explosions or like a villain laughing from your behind.

LG 32LH604T (₹38,500)

So presenting you the best picture quality you can have at the best price. Featuring a 32-inch display and weighing 43 pounds, the 4K Ultra HD LG is an all-star value. Most TV manufacturers are dropping 3D, but some still enjoy it. So if you choose it, you have to give up on your dreams of 3D in your home.   Offering some of the best black color levels, and wide viewing angles along with bright picture quality, the LG excels with the inclusion of their simplified and highly user-friendly Web OS 3.0 platform as the highlight of its smart televisions. LG produces some of the best android TVs under 50000 in India.

It’s a handsome, flat TV, as thin as an iPhone 6 such that you no more have to accept a curved screen to get premium OLED picture quality. You won’t be getting any alternative for this superb model right now in the market. It’s the best overall TV to date in the market. Even the voice search for finding contents and connectivity features is just awesome. You won’t be complaining about it, and that is for sure. This TV will last longer than you need it to.

Sony KLV-40W562D (₹45,590)

This is one of the best android TVs under 50000 in India if you want to buy a Sony product. Featuring the most massive display on this list, the Sony KLV-40W562D and its 40-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV display makes for truly a beautiful television experience. It creates a new type of viewing experience, making you feel that you are present in the place that you are viewing.  It has a 120Hz refresh rate for excellent motion capture with Motionflow XR 960, plus HDR-compatibility that has more detail, color, and contrast than your previous television.

The ultimate picture quality combines the 4k clarity with the above-mentioned details and the details of High Dynamic Range (HDR). No more issues of viewing dark shadows, as everything will now be much clearer and brighter. Sharpened images, vibrant and vivid colors, and more texture and more energy in every scene are what you’ll be getting. Sony also included Google’s Cast for streaming movies and music from a smartphone, which allows for one of the most feature-rich catalogs of movies available through both your library and Google’s Play movie selection which means connectivity with your smartphone is much more comfortable than ever. This is the last product in our list of best android TVs under 50000 in India.

So, guys, we come to the end of this list of best android TVs under 50000 in India. I hope you will be able to make a great purchase after reading this post. Have a wonderful day.