Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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With another day coming to an end another new leak about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here. A new video showcasing the pre-final build of the Galaxy Note 9 has leaked on the internet. However, there’s hardly anything new as the design is the same as the leaked renders and photos. However, the video shows the whole body of the device very clearly and helps us to understand the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is worth mentioning that the device is pretty similar to last generations Galaxy Note 8 with some slight changes here and there.

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Unlike every other year, Samsung is all set to launch their new Galaxy Note device a bit early this year. Rather than launching the device in September and taking a straight competition from Apple they have decided to fast forward the launch to August. This year the launch is scheduled for August 9. At least, that is what all we know from the leaks.

It is pretty normal to see more leaks as the date of launch moves closer. It happens with both Apple and Samsung as the craze for flagship smartphones is never-ending. Similarly, in the case of this video, the same has happened. Mobile Fun, the uploader of the video says that they have got the device due to “extensive contacts in China”. The device in the video looks to be a near-final build rather than being a dummy unit.

The Galaxy Note 9

The device will have an identical design to the last years Galaxy Note 8. However, the bezels will be a little thinner than the Note 8

As published in previous leaks, the fingerprint scanner will be positioned below the camera rather than beside it. Users of the Galaxy Note 8 were often complaining about the fingerprint scanner position on the device and Samsung has paid attention to it.

You can see the phone in the vertically recorded video attached below. If you want to know more about the Galaxy Note 9 and it’s complete specs check the link below. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9.