Smart watches have changed the way we used to buy a wristwatch. It is no less than a smartphone and all thanks to constantly upgrading technology. The Samsung Gear S2, one of the most hi-tech and loved smartwatch has everything that you can dream of in a watch. Life is lot simpler, healthier and fun with this amazing addition in Samsung family.

It has the array of apps and has amazing features that will make you the features of your smartphone. Not only it has amazing applications but is easy to operate as well, all you need to do is the twist and turn.

Smart watches like Samsung Gear S2 has made it possible to stay connected even without having a smartphone.

Here is the list of applications that you can easily download on your Samsung Gear S2 for better and smooth living:
Calories burner:

This smartwatch motivates you to stay healthier by tracking your calories intake and also be calculating the number of calories you have burnt. You can easily track your heart rate, caffeine, water consumption with the help of this watch. It will also guide you about the workout required to burn those extra calories that you had by having one of those burgers.


Travelling is not a problem if you have Samsung Gear S2. Now you can easily download the Uber app on your smartwatch and can book a cab from anywhere and anytime. Nothing can be as great as accessing the ride and tracking the travel of your loved ones from the wrist. It also has a feature where a mini-map will show on your watch and can help you to keep track of the cab.

Phrasebook to help you while travelling:

Travelling in some far-off location and having a problem with communicating is one of the most common problems. But now with this phrasebook app on your smartwatch, life is much simpler. With the help of this phrasebook, you can discover how to communicate with locals. And the best part about this app is that it works while on offline mode. Now internet connectivity can’t hamper your travel diaries.

Camera Gear:

You can click pictures and can shoot video on your phone with the help of Samsung Gear S2. To turn the vibrant and circular display to the viewer and use it as both front and rear view camera. It also supports flash, and have self-timer option for clicking perfect pictures with your loved ones.


One of the most loved, hyped and used social networking application is available to download. You can easily get twitter feeds beneath your time and date display. So if you have forgotten your phone at home, you need not wait to see the comments in your tweet. It will help you to stay updated with world that too without getting distracted.

So what are you waiting for go to your nearest Samsung store and grab your own Samsung Gear S2?