YouTube Originals

Summary under 100 words:  YouTube is launching their own premium streaming platform known as “YouTube Originals”.  The company’s global head of original programming, Susanne Daniels said that YouTube Originals will cover a number of genres from documentaries to reality shows and more.

YouTube will soon decide the price but the rough idea of the pricing is $11.99, they have also decided the variety of shows will be presented in the local language and will also be dubbed for other markets. She added that they will be targeting young youth as the subscribers. For the rest of the information, please keep reading.


It looks like something is cooking, YouTube is planning to bring in YouTube Originals in India and addition to France, Germany, Japan, and Mexico. The report stated that these originals will be produced in multiple forms of genre including talk shows, scripted series, reality series, music documentaries and more.

Shows on YouTube Originals

In India, YouTube has already launched one of its show known as ‘Un-cricket’, which Susanne says has performed beyond expectations. The company fiddled with original programmes of South Korea, where a reality show starred the pop band “Big Bang” has already boosted 50 percent of subscriptions for the platform.

Charges for YouTube Originals

Another important aspect is the pricing which is really high compared to the pricing of Netflix and Amazon Prime. It costs $11.99 monthly which is Rs. 824 per month. Whereas in Netflix the plans range from Rs 500 to 800 approx. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has the monthly charge of Rs 129 or fairly Rs 999 per year.

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