Pakistan Government Websites Hacked

Summary Under Hundred Words:

Just like last year, Indian hackers have again managed to hack Pakistani govt. websites on Independence Day. The hacked government websites are showing Indian tricolor and various messages. This hacking shows us even in 2018 how cybersecurity lacks among the Pakistan government. This is quite a shame for the Pakistan government and they are currently trying to regain control over the hacked websites. However, till the time of writing this article they have failed to do so.

Main Article:

Well, I don’t know if you remember last years Independence day or not. On the very same day last year we covered the news of several Pakistan Government websites being hacked by Indian hackers. This time again, many of their government websites have been hacked by Indian hackers.

Indian hackers group named Dutchm@n have conducted this act. If you see our last year’s article here Several Major Pakistani Government Websites Hacked on their 70th Independence Day, you’ll see that in last year hackers group  LulzSec India acted in the same manner.

Last year the Pakistani Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Water and Power, Cabinet Division, Ministry of Food Security and Ministry of Environment Change and more were affected. This time though the hackers have targeted many famous college and school websites as well including government websites.

Till the time of writing this article Pakistan government are not yet able to completely stop these hackers. Although they have gained control back on some of the homepages, in most cases, Indian tricolor can still be seen.

This hacking of government websites shows how even in 2018 Pakistan has not taken care of cybersecurity. More importantly, after last years incident, they should have taken these things more seriously. This is quite a shame for them that they can’t stop the hackers from hacking their govt. websites every time.