Android 9 Pie

Android Pie is here with another buzz. It appears that Google is putting an end to call recording once and for all. Which means Android Pie users will now not be able to use any third party call recording apps. Google might come with a new official solution from Google around the corner, the only way to record calls on an Android now is to root it first. Google took this decision due to different call recording laws in different countries.

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Android Pie is in the town now. And it is quite in the buzz too. While people are still waiting to see Android Pie update for their mobile, there are lot’s of news coming out for the new Android version.

If you are an Android Pie user and, If you like to use third-party call recording apps, then this new is for you.  You might have noticed that These apps no longer work on your phone.

According to reports Google has completely removed the call recording feature in its latest Android 9 Pie. Which means you will not be able to use any third-party call recording app in Android Pie. This is not the first time when Google has pulled off the recording feature. The company pulled the plug on the official call-recording API back in 2015 when it released the Android Marshmallow. However, it still allowed the developers to create their own APIs which was even better than the official API.

But Now with the latest development, Google will no longer support non-rooted apps to offer call recording feature in the Pixel phones or phones running Android 9 Pie.

This is because there are different laws for Google recording feature in different countries. Whereas in some countries recording calls are legal if the user is informed about it. ut in some countries call recording is seen as a privacy breach.

There is no such clear reason why Google has come up with this strange decision. The call recording apps might be a privacy violator but they also come in handy in situations like catching on a conversation you may have missed or may have missed on an important detail.

The only way to still use third-party call recording apps is to root the phone. But rooting the phone might affect the security feature of your phone.

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