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Highlights: US tech giant, Apple flushes out approximately 25,000 illegal gambling apps from the ‘China App Store of Apple’. The apps claim to already be making money by selling fake lottery tickets and offering gambling services. Moreover, all the apps, no matter hiding in plain sight or with the keyword “gambling”, all redeems to fall foul of the Chinese regulations. Flipping the coin to another side, the growing trade tensions between Beijing and Washington also lend a hand to this situation.

Main article – Apple removes 25,000 gambling apps from China App Store

Beijing, China – With regards to the immense barrage of criticism from the state media, and the tightening regulation in the country, Apple confirms the deletion of 25,000 illegal gambling apps from its Chinese App Store. After pulling out these 25,000 apps, the stats expose that only 4,000 of these apps were tagged with the term ‘Gambling’. And more than 500 apps were tagged with the keyword, ‘Lottery’. While others were hiding in the plain sight.

In every perfect sense, illegal gambling apps deem to fall foul of the country’s regulations and policies. Hence the US tech giant, Apple yanks as many as apps could push in the recent period. Developers are also trying to locate more gambling apps on the app store to put an end to these south-vigilant activities. The illegal apps even claimed to be selling fake lottery tickets and offered gambling-services. Technically, Apple has reduced about gross 25,000 apps, a total of 1.4% of the apps in the store.

“Gambling apps are illegal on the App Store in China,” Apple spoke to CNBC in a statement. “We have already removed many apps and developers for trying to distribute illegal gambling apps on our App Store. And we are vigilant in our efforts to find these and stop them from being on the App Store.”

Apple has aligned with the Chinese authorities to set rules on ‘how to allow apps on the App Store’. However, keeping in mind the proliferation of bogus lottery apps and gambling apps, the tension between the countries have tightened. China has accused the company of not being up-to-the-mark to tackle and remove all the illegal online activity.

What’s prominent? 

Keeping aside the non-surprising illegal gambling activities, the news brings one other thing in the highlight. It is a reminder of how American-companies have always fallen in line with the Chinese regulations to continue business in their country. The news of Google’s controversial plan to reiterate app in China has sparked protests within the company.

The attacks have indirectly warned Apple that trade dispute between the countries could adversely affect the business. In fact, it can even draw a sizable revenue from the Chinese market.

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