Samsung X5 External SSD Launched in India

Summary Under 100 Words:

Samsung has finally launched it’s first non-volatile memory (NVMe)-based SSD in India and it is the Samsung X5. The Samsung X5 external SSD is specifically for professionals and content creators who need fast and huge storage spaces. The Samsung X5 external SSD comes in three variants. The pricing of the accessory starts at ₹27,999 and goes all the way up till 97,999. The X5 is an upgrade to Samsung’s T5 portable SSD and features huge improvements. For more details on the Samsung X5 keep reading the main article.

Main Article – The Blazing Fast Samsung X5 External SSD

According to Samsung, the Samsung X5 External SSD is designed for ultra-fast transfer of large multimedia files. It not only saves a lot of precious time for the professionals. The device is based on Thunderbolt technology and offers up to 4X faster bandwidth than USB 3.1 at 40 Gbps.

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Sukesh Jain, Senior Vice President, IT and Mobile Enterprise Business, Samsung India said,

Whether editing 4K videos, creating real-time 3D rendering images or compiling high-resolution photos, SSD ‘X5’ delivers maximized performance levels, durability and reliability for professionals working with heavy multimedia files.

The Samsung X5 external SSD offers a read speeds up to 2800 MB per second. Now, this is up to 5.2 times more than normal SATA Solid State Drives and up to 25.5 times faster than general external hard drives says Samsung.

The company also says that Samsung X5 external SSD has an internal shock resistant frame. There’s also a rough metal housing which can withstand drops from up to two meters.

Price of The Samsung X5 in India

  • Samsung X5 500GB SSD ₹27,999.
  • Samsung X5 1 TB SSD ₹48,999.
  • 2 TB Samsung X5 SSD ₹97,999.

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So what do you think about the newest non-volatile memory (NVMe)-based X5 SSD?