Greaseproof Xbox One Controller

The whole story under 100 words:

Microsoft’s Xbox Team in Australia is pretty much active in doing crazy things. In past, they have already created a popup gaming hotel and the Xbox Onesie. However, this time they have launched yet another crazy Xbox product, the Greaseproof Xbox One Controller and kept the flow going.

The all-new controller features a special Grease and Oil resistant coating. Xbox Australia is celebrating the PUBG on Xbox One reaching final 1.0 state and thus they are launching this controller. Furthermore, this is going to be a special edition controller and only 200 such controllers will be available.

The Main Story – PUBG v1.0 Limited Edition Greaseproof Xbox One Controller

PUBG has finally come out of the Game Preview program this week making it an official full product. The new version 1.0 will bring the Sanhok map, new weapons and dynamic weather to the Xbox one version of the game. Moreover, the War mode, in-game micro-transactions as well as the event pass will also be available with this update.

And to celebrate the official launch of the battle royale game on Xbox One, Xbox Australia has come up with this brand new Greaseproof Xbox One Controller. As per the team, this controller comes with a special hand sprayed urethane coating on it. The Urethane coating prevents the controller from picking up minor scratches. Moreover, it also makes the controller unaffected by water and most importantly roasted chicken grease.

The Greaseproof Xbox One Controller looks greasy as well. It comes in PUBG’s trademark yellow highlights. Each of the controllers is individually numbered as well, and only 200 such controllers will be available all over the globe.

To win the limited edition Greaseproof Xbox One Controller you have to check the Xbox ANZ Facebook page. Also, this is not the first case of PUBG promotion by the Australian Xbox team as in past they have dropped real PUBG crates in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

We think it won’t be a bad idea to pick one of these controllers. After all, roasted chicken grease should not be in between your way of getting the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. What are your thoughts? let us know in the comments below.

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