PUBG PC Update 21 PUBG Update 27a

Another new update for PUBG on PC is here. The new PUBG PC Update 21 brings lots of new contents as well bug fixes. The new update adds a new mode, new vehicle, weapon attachment, and even a new weapon as well. To know everything about the new update keep reading the main part below.

New Training Mode

The first thing you get to see in the update is the new Training Mode. Here you can try everything and improve your skills here. The training map is a 200 square KM map. There will be 14 zones for trying different combat styles. You can learn and practice operating vehicles on a twisting road, ramps, or even piloting a boat. Moreover, there will be all weapons which you can try out and learn to use the most suitable for different times. You can also try throwing grenades and using melee weapons.

MK-47 Mutant Rifle

There’s an all-new assault rifle coming in PUBG PC Update 21. The MK-47 Mutant uses 7.62 ammo and holds 20 rounds of ammo in a magazine. It can be further extended with an extended mag or extended quickdraw mag. The rifle can fire in single shot mode or can also fire in two-round burst mode just like the M16A4. It has an upper and lower rail and that’s mostly all types of assault rifle attachments and scopes will go with the rifle.

New Sanhok Exclusive Vehicle: Tukshai

The new vehicle Tukshai will be exclusive to the Sanhok map of the game. The Tukshai is a vehicle which can carry up to three people. Tukshai is pretty slow vehicle than the other vehicles in the game. But it is pretty suitable for the Sanhok map and can handle the rough and muddy roads well.

New Objective System

The PUBG PC Update 21 is all set to get a new objective system within the game. In the game you to perform a few tasks like killing enemies with specified weapons, dealing a or reviving your teammates etc. Once you complete a set of objectives you’ll be getting rewards.

UI Changes

There are a lot of UI changes coming with the PBG PC update 21 in the game.

  • Like now you can check or test your mic within the game. You can do that by simply going into Settings > Sound > Voice Chat.
  • Improved UI for appearances menu. There will be new backgrounds of the dresses in the game that will show the rarity of those dresses.
  • There will now be an improved network information function and it will be showing the Ping, connection speed, packets, and packet loss.
  • The Story user interface is now a lot better and organized.

Skin & Items

The PUBG PC Update 21 will remove some weapon skins and will also add some other skins.

  • The M416 gold/silver plate skins are no longer available for purchase in the in-game shop.
  • Added new level 1 helmet skin “Road Warrior” to the in-game store, purchasable for 20,000 BP.

PUBG PC Update 21: Bug Fixes

The PUBG PC Update 21 comes with a lot of bug fixes for the game. With the PUBG PC Update 21 users will face less number of bugs and will probably have a better experience.

  • Fixed the issue where, after connecting the XBOX controller to the PC, the drop-down menu would not appear to select the reason for reporting on the results screen.
  • The issue where a character on board a vehicle would sometimes be shown as immobile in a very different location is also fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where a character is sometimes shown in a different location
  • The issue where a character who is driving in a vehicle is created in an unspecified location is fixed now.
  • Fixed the issue where weapons are sometimes shown in locations different from where the character is holding them.
  • Fixed the issue where the gun of the person you are spectating is sometimes not rendered, causing problems when the gun goes into ADS mode.
  • The issue where approaching a corpse while lying down could sometimes cause the camera to zoom in will fix in this update.
  • Fixed the issue where approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable could sometimes cause the camera to temporarily zoom in and out.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes a character standing at the very edge of the sea would be shown as falling out of the sky.
  • The issue where the Bluezone UI timer occasionally decreases by 2 seconds is fixed as well.
  • Fixed the issue where an underwater character is unable to move to land because the terrain is shown as stuttering.
  • Fixed the issue where colliding with an object while driving in a UAZ deals comparatively more damage than other vehicles.
  • The issue where the firing mode of a gun that has been dropped and picked up again is reset to default settings is fixed now.
  • Fixed the issue where the AR compensator on the SLR was not reducing the horizontal recoil.
  • Fixed the issue where a character cannot peek while over a gas can.
  • An issue where frame drop occurred when the weather was rainy and the character was swimming in the water when the perspective changed from under to above water is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the suppressed AKM and Beryl M762 sounded the same.
  • Fixed the issue where characters could pass through a wooden door while riding the scooter.
  • The issue where players sometimes couldn’t loot items when the item was dropped on stairs or a slope will happen no longer.
  • Fixed the issue where the vaulting action was not working properly with certain building windows in Sanhok.
  • Fixed the issue where the HP gauge was displayed red in certain conditions.
  • An issue where an afterimage sometimes remains on other players’ screen when repeatedly arming/unarming is fixed as well.

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