Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Who doesn’t use Google Chrome? It is probably one of the best browsers available for your PC right now. However, there are other amazing browsers as well as the Mozilla Firefox Quantum and Microsoft’s not so popular ‘Edge’. If you are a Google Chrome user, you might have noticed that the browser has got an update very recently. The update features a complete redesign of Chrome’s UI and a new home screen.

For some people, the update might be a really good looking and refreshing one. However, there will be some people like me who don’t like the new chrome design. For all these people like me, I am presenting this article which shows you how to switch back to the old chrome design.

The new update has a softer visual approach. It replaces the harsh angles and squares for rounded corners, circular icons, and a slightly lighter color scheme. If you don’t like these things you can just replace all these for the older look (for now!). So here’s how to do it.

Here’s How to Switch to the Old Chrome Design

The things which we need to change will not be there in the Chrome Settings. However, like the more advanced chrome settings, you’ll get this setting in the chrome flags.

First of all, run Google Chrome and enter the following into the address bar and then press enter.


Now either scroll down or use the search box and search for the UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome. Then use the ‘Default‘ option in the right. Use the drop-down menu and change it to ‘Normal‘.

Now click the ‘Relaunch Now‘ button or just close and restart Chrome. Before you do so make sure you save any of your open works. Although Chrome is good at remembering your open sites still it is recommended to save everything.

Once you relaunch Google Chrome, you’ll notice that the old Chrome design is back. It worth saying that, even though you turn back to the old look but you’ll be running the newest version under the hood.

The thing is that this method works only for now. Google can remove this any day with an update so better be prepared to face the new design one day.