Dark mode is a really cool feature which changes the light backgrounds in your window and replaces it with a dark background. Recently, it debuted in MacOS Mojave and Windows 10 Redstone 5. However, the native support is not present in browsers yet. Night Eye Extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge helps you to enable dark mode in almost any website.

The white backgrounds put a lot of strain in your eyes if you work hours in front of it. However, using blue-light filter makes it a lot better for the eyes as the white tones changes and takes the yellowish tone. Although it doesn’t really look good. But the Dark Mode in particular not only looks good but it also keeps your eyes a bit healthier.

Night Eye Extension: Making Internet Darker (Not really though!)

Night Eye Extension
Here is how Google looks with Night Eye’s Dark Mode enabled

There are many extensions available on the web which just inverts the colors. However, Night Eye Extension does way more than just inverting the colors. It analyzes each website and puts particular dark effects accordingly.

There are also personalization options available in Night Eye. You can select a color and choose what it will look with the extension enabled. You can either do it for a particular website or do it for all of the websites that you visit.

The dark effects look gorgeous in most cases. Well, I said most cases in order to also point out some downsides of the night eye extension. While using the plugin I have noticed that in some cases the dark mode doesn’t exactly work as it should be. For those websites, it would be better to leave them to load in light mode.

Night Eye Extension
Night Eye’s Dark Mode: YouTube

Night Eye Extension: Known Issues

Although in most cases night eye brings beautiful transformations to a website. But it has some cons as well.

There are quite a few websites that don’t work with Night Eye. For those websites, you can play with the personalization options and tweak the settings to make it as per your choice. However, that is quite a lot of unnecessary work for a single website.

Also, Night Eye Extension analyzes each website before transforming it into the dark mode and that’s why the websites take longer to load. The websites feel faster from the second time but the delay is quite noticeable.

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Night Eye Extension: Final Thoughts

In the end, I feel, Night Eye is a great extension. At times it may not work you but you can always turn of Night eye for those websites. The transition from light mode to dark mode via Night eye is really impressive and I recommend you to try this extension if you are a fan of dark mode.

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