Every day we hear a lot about crimes against women and children happening around us. Some of these heinous crimes happen on a public transportation system where a number of people are present. But fails to stop the crime. We as a country has focused a lot on the road networks and its construction but now its time to build a better and smart transport system in order to ensure safety towards our society. Concerned authorities are working towards such a system for quite a long time now, and AIS 140 standard GPS tracker is a result of that hard work and thoughtfulness.

AIS 140 standard GPS tracker

It is an initiative taken by authorities to build up a system where no one feels unsafe while travelling-. This tracker will come along the emergency button, which a passenger or crew can press at the time of emergency.

AIS-140 is the canny transport framework that is another expansion for car industry gauges. The astute transport framework (ITS) is a genuinely necessary prerequisite of the universe of vehicles. The vehicles out and about are expanding day by day and in this way. There is a need for administration rules which determine the crisis. The security measures that should be inferred in all sort of open transport frameworks.

How does this system work

This smart transport system is designed in a way to provide ease to travellers. The emergency request button when pressed will send a signal to the configured IP address. In the case, due to networking issue, it fails to send a signal it will still send an SMS alert. The alert to the configured emergency number. The emergency button is designed in a way that it becomes easy for users to use. Yet, it will not get pressed randomly or accidentally.

The whole AIS 140 standard GPS tracker has been constructed in the supervision of automotive enterprises. A standard committee under the guidelines set by the ministry of floor transport. The system has been made to ensure that no loophole is left while creating this system. Authorities and concerned bodies involved in its construction are trying to enforce numerous factors and components. It is to make the transportation system absolutely safe and secure.

However, the committed deadlines have already been pushed but this smart transport system is not too far. The marketplace is already looking forward to its release. The brilliant transport framework is what is need of 60 minutes. With the dispatch of AIS 140 standard GPS tracker. The manner in which we take a gander at our transportation framework is anything but difficult to get to find.