The most awaited one plus 6 T is here. The Shenzen based company has finally launched this most awaited phone on October 30 in New Delhi at 08:30 PM. This is an event every one plus fan has been waiting for. You can catch up with the even, clicking here.

So what’s there inside the phone? Well, a lot. This is the first phone from One plus which has the on-screen sensor for the fingerprint.

Well, there are a lot of things to go. The cell-phone company has again proved that it will “Never Settle” and keep on innovating and remodel things. This time, the all-new one plus 6 T has the features like dewdrop-notch display which would make your eyes go wow!

Variants to blow your mind with One Plus 6T

Did we mention the ultra high-speed multi-tasking? Well, here is the shot. One plus 6T is available in variants like 6 GB, and 8 GB RAMs. This configuration is enough to blow your mind as you can play HD games and can do a lot more like that. There are the great combination of the RAM and storage of 6 GB and 128 GB of storage, 8 GB and 128 GB of storage and 8 GB and 256 GB of the storage. This makes this new phone fit according to every person’s needs.

The candy features to make your life “Never Settle”

The one plus 3-T has the 6.4-inch Ultra HD screen. The screen is big enough to give you a breathtaking experience of the show. What’s more in the box is that after having it all, the device just weighs 185 grams. Powered by the octa-core, 845 snapdragons, the device is much more powerful than its cousins.

One of the most amazing things in the One Plus 6T is it’s modified OS. Moreover, the cell phone features the all-new Android 9.0 which is powered by the Oxygen OS, which is the specialty of the One plus. Talking about the camera then this time, the company has loaded the cell phone with the 16 MP in front and the 20 MP camera at the back. The all-new one plus camera has the features like RAW Image, studio lighting, HQ, HDR, Time-Lapse, Panorama, Night Mode, Pro Mode, Portrait Mode, AI Scene Detection and much more.

The charging capability of the cell phone is brilliant. The device has a powerful 3700 mAH battery. This is enough to power your entire day. The fast charging? This time the company has introduced the 6 T charger, which you can expect to be charging the cell phone with 3 A.

So, there are a lot of things to do on this “Never Settle device.” If you are looking forward to purchasing the cell phone you can go to the one plus 6T official website or the certified stores. Moreover, as per the features, the new cell phone would surely heat up the market.