Facebook has been driving our lives since the time it has been launched. It has become almost impossible to do anything without updating the same on our social media account. But lately, Facebook has encountered the biggest problem and that is a breach of data. This is really alarming, as after getting facebook account hacked hacker can access your personal messages and can post anything on your behalf.

An outsider could approach your private messages, contact your companions, misuse your Facebook page, and erase your own data. They could likewise keep you out of your Facebook account until the end of time. While you can’t get stolen data back, you can keep them from taking your record.

The most essential thing currently is to not freeze. In the event that you did a few things right, you can recapture access to your Facebook account. We’ll demonstrate to you how.


How to know that your Facebook account hacked

It is really important to take the right steps to retrieve your account. Noticing some unusual activity on your facebook must not be ignored at any cost. However, not all hackers do anything which may be suspicious, but they will surely leave some traces behind.


To know whether or not your Facebook account, hacked, log in to your account, expand the menu by using arrowhead at the right side. Now go to the settings, and opt for security and log in. Here you will get all the detail about when and where your account has been active. If you find some unusual place, then it’s a sign that someone has got your Facebook account hacked.


How to protect your account

  • Needless to say, change the password immediately
  • Now logout from ever you have been logged in, and re-login. This way your account will be logged out from wherever it has been logged in.
  • Once getting the password changed to report the matter.
  • If you have any unwanted applications in your phone or computer, delete them immediately. At times the unusual activities happen not because someone got your Facebook account hacked but because of virus due to unwanted and suspicious applications.


Damage control     

Once you have got hold of your account, you need to engage in some damage control activities. If a hacker has posted or done anything wrong using your account then immediately inform your friends and post it on your facebook about what has happened and they must ignore everything.