Everyday technology surprises us with its new inventions and innovations. The latest addition in these innovations is much-awaited hyperloop’s passenger capsule. It is first of its kind, and its first look has surely created a buzz in the market. Hyperloop transportation technologies are known for coming up with something out of the box.

This full-scale passenger capsule is likely to carry passengers at the speed of 750 miles per hour. Now, this is something really exciting, 750 miles per hour is going to cut transportation time to almost nothing.

Be that as it may, in spite of the measure of venture and the sheer measure of organizations working in the region, the Hyperloop is as yet far from the real world. The most extreme speed come to by a case is 284 mph. Be that as it may, WARR’s model (which was smaller than normal case weighing the only 85kg) was as yet far off the 750 mph Musk trusts the innovation to one day accomplish.

About HTT passenger capsule

This amazing machine is said to be 5 tons heavy and 105 feet long. Everything about this travel machine is amazing, it has been constructed totally out of HTT’s own composite material, which they call as vibranium. This material is said to be way heavier than any of the other material used for constructing such machines.

As compared to aluminium it is almost 8 times heavier and stronger. And when compared to other steel alternatives it is around 10 times heavier. This fact alone is enough to claim this super fast machine as the strongest one.

How it has been tested

A special full-sized prototype of this superfast passenger capsule has been constructed for the testing purpose. It is an addition to the miniature system. It seems that developers don’t want to go wrong even a bit and that is why they are checking everything twice before they actually launch it.

The reality

However, things aren’t that exciting as it seems to be. So far hyperloop has not been able to achieve the desired speed of the miniature and prototype of this passenger capsule. The maximum speed it has been able to achieve till now is mere 284 mph. Which is not even half of what the company claims for this passenger capsule.

It seems that HTT still has to go a very long way to achieve what they are promising. And if they hope this to be passenger ready by 2019. Then time seems to be less and works definitely is very high.

Well let’s see, what happens but if it succeeds to achieve the speed it desires. Then it’s going to be one the best technological discovery.