Finally, the curtains have been raised from one of the mysterious Oculus’s Santa Cruz project. Now we know the name of this upcoming and amazing virtual reality gaming viewer. Oculus Quest is the new project released for the virtual delight of viewers and is expected to launch in 2019. The users have been waiting for this project for a very long time. And certainly, it is expected to be a perfect virtual delight for the viewers.

The headset’s dark texture and-plastic outline looks a considerable measure like the Rift, yet it includes an adjusted and camera-studded front that looks somewhat messier than the Rift’s smooth, level form. Its controllers reflect the current Oculus Touch, with a simple stick, a couple of face catches, and a couple of triggers on the underside. The LED following strip presently circles over your hand, however — so it’s simpler for the cameras to keep in view. Mitchell says that Oculus may roll out minor corrective or useful improvements to the gadget we saw, however, that it’s “extremely agent” of the last item.

About Oculus Quest, Virtual reality gaming viewer

Game viewing through Oculus has always been da light. This new virtual reality gaming viewer promises better experience and better game viewing delight. The vague announcement regarding launching wireless oculus was made around two years back. Since then people like us have not been able to keep calm.

Mark Zuckerberg this year finally unveiled the project, and we actually can’t keep calm. Here are some features of this amazing Oculus Quest:

  • Fit is comfortable like never before
  • Be ready to enjoy seamless and hassle-free wireless experience
  • Along with this new virtual reality gaming viewer you need not have extra headsets
  • No need for external sensors to install at home, it has its own inbuilt sensors along with the cameras. That will help users in detecting the movements of detecting and figuring movements at greater angles
  • The new Oculus Quest is comparatively lighter
  • It offers a screen resolution of 1600*1400 pixels
  • High definition picture quality with improved graphics is promised
  • It will have almost 50 pre-installed games for uniques gaming experience. Oculus Quest will include Robo Recall, star war’s Vader immortal, Moss and The Climb.
  • It need not to be connecting with any high graphics computer. Rather it can work at its own with its battery and internal memory.

Having said so much about this Virtual reality gaming viewer, it will be really early to say about its quality. However what we anticipate is that due to lack of external hardware it may not be same as Oculus go.

The `virtual reality gaming viewer is expecting to be out by spring 2019 and will cost around $ 400.