The rise of the Display Notches Phones

Be ready to capture the world around you with under-display camera launched by SamsungDisplay notches phones have become the all-time favorite phones of 2018. The year 2018 have witnessed many phones back to back entirely focused on the display notches. Every company is rushing towards eliminating those bezels from the phone so that everyone can enjoy a full-screen smartphone. It’s like a dream come true, and the future has a lot more to see.

Barriers in the full-screen display under-display camera


Since every company is interested in installing that full screen over the front, doing it the complete way seems practically impossible. There are a lot of things which comes in between. Camera, sensors and the speaker comes in the way of the full-screen phone dream. Meanwhile, the companies kept doing the experiments. Some installed the camera with a sliding function while the others made the reversible camera 260 as the front. However, none of the company succeeded in getting what they dreamt of.

However, this time, not with Samsung. The company has found a way to manufacture the full screen over the phones. The key? Well, it’s the under-display camera.

Samsung all the way to the under-display camera

Samsung has found the solution to get the full-screen phone without any problems. The cell phone giants have a working solution for the bezel-less screen, how about putting everything below the screen?

The company has successfully installed the camera under the screen. This means that you can expect an under-display camera in the upcoming phones. Well, don’t think that this would degrade your image, you would get the same high-quality images. The only thing is now you can enjoy that full-screen view of the phone. Isn’t that amazing?

AMOLED Forum held by Samsung

Samsung keeps on innovating things in the cell phone and this time it came up with many innovations in its AMOLED forum in China. With over 20 attendees, Samsung showed how technology could reinvent things. With all the technical discussions about the touch-sensitive areas, screen sound technology, fingerprint scanner, the company showed the concept of the under-screen camera. This concept focuses on the transparency of the screen. The concept showed that the screen would get transparent while clicking the photograph but behave normally otherwise. Well, this is no longer a dream as the company has proved that this type of screen can be manufactured. Who knows what your next Samsung phone is entirely glass full screen in front? Now, how about that?

The feature would bring a new trend in the market and obviously, it would lead to more innovations of the under screen operations. Nobody has been successful in creating a 100 % display, but the cell phone giant did it again. Well, this could be achieved by all those sliding cameras, but the fact is that these sliding devices create a lot of problems in the future. Since the under-display camera is a new concept, it might take some time to test and implement it successfully, but then, innovation is a necessity.