Apple IOS 12.1 has brought in some exciting new changes to earlier IOS 12.0.1 and people are more than happy to welcome this change. With this update, Apple has introduced a whole range of features like group Facetime and over 70 new emoji. Here are all the things that you need to know about this update!



The good thing is that Apple IOS 12.1 is compatible on all IOS 11 devices as well. Generally, the update happens automatically in compatible devices but if that is not working out for you, then no worries. You can just go to ‘Software Update’ option in the Settings bar and get your update done.


Dual Sim

 This is one of the most exciting features of the whole new Apple IoS 12.1. This enables phone users, especially ones using the new IPhone XS, IPhone XS Max and IPhone XR to use a physical sim and an e-sim simultaneously. What does that mean? That means that people can have several numbers, like home and work installed on their phone at the same time.



The recent releases are new Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. IPhone is yet to catch up to their camera quality. However, the new Apple IOS 12.1 fixes that by allowing users to adjust the blur level in photos.



 With the recent Apple IOS 12.1, you can Facetime up to 32 people simultaneously. Apple will also highlight current speakers and sort people according to their participation in the group event. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on all IPhones and IPads. Apple has also taken the liberty to fix its BeautyGate problems, allowing people to look more natural in their photos.


More emojis!

 This is perhaps the most awaited feature of the all new Apple IOS 12.1.  With the recent update, Apple has introduced more than 70 new emojis for IPhone, IPad and the Apple Watch. Emojis have become an extremely popular way of communicating and Apple has tapped in on this feature by introducing some very amazing new emojis, like that of mooncake and nazar amulet.

Sport fans have a lot to rejoice for because there are emojis for softball and lacrosse. And for the outdoor adventurer, look out for their exciting and beautifully designed images of luggage and hiking boots. New food emoji include characters for bagel, mango, cupcake and salt. There are new emoji for Llama, kangaroo and mosquito.