Since Nokia has started to understand the Indian market, it seems like they are giving back to back blockbuster products. This time, it’s all new Nokia 7.1 plus. The mid-range phone has hit the market and it’s time for you to know more about this.
Packed with a lot of features, the phone is made to target the basic audience of India. The price of the phone is also kept mid-ranged so that there is no such problem with the budget. You can get your hands on this handset on it’s launch date ie scheduled to be 28th November 2018.

Features of the phone

Talking about the color, Nokia 7.1 plus phone is available in the colors Midnight Blue, gray and silver. The phone is lightweight which would give you a deep handling experience. Also, the cell phone is powered by the 636 chipsets Snapdragon. This makes it a great phone under a mid-range which supports snapdragon. The variants of the phones have many options including that of the Ram which is available in 3 or 4 GB variants.
You would also get an option from choosing between the 32 or 64 GB. Don’t worry, this internal memory could easily be increased with the help of the external memory card. Also, these variants  of Nokia 7.1 plus differ according to the region. The cell phone has a great display quality along with the crystal clear quality of the Camera.

The HDR10 gives you an excellent display with superior contrast and brilliant colors over the screen. This would make your gaming, movie and other display experience a lot better.
The cell phone has the dual rear and the matching front camera. The superior camera quality would allow you to take brilliant pictures in seconds. The camera software is equipped with many functions such as the night mode, panorama, HDR, face focus and lot more. This would make all your selfie enthusiasts a lot more aware about catching up the details.

The Experience with the Android

Just to tell you that the phone comes in with the all-new Android One. This means that it’s an android version without that unwanted bloatware which provides you with the best of the Android future updates.

The Nokia 7.1 plus phone comes with a patch which provides you with the updates up to 2 years. This is what you would love about the phone the most. Not just this, you would also get security patches updates up to 3 years. What could be better than this?

An ultimate eye candy design

Though the phone Nokia 7.1 plus doesn’t have a fancy design to win an award it’s probably the most classy one. The phone has a glossy color which would give a shiny flash at the back of the phone. The front design has the screen on whole of the screen which would give you an ultimate operating experience.

There are no external features which make this phone any uniqueness. If you talk about the wireless charging, waterproof device, etc. then you would get a little disappointed here. This is the main reason that the phone has been kept at a low price.