Samsung is all geared up to bring back the Samsung foldable smartphone trend and make it the next big thing. Samsung usually does not disclose the high-end features of its phone till the phone gets launched and maintains its secrecy; however, going out of their usual practice; some key features of the upcoming phone is releasing by Samsung electronics.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Specifications and Expected Features

More screen real-estate

Many contemplate that a foldable smartphone would give customers an option to have a much better-quality display. Several Samsung patents and prototypes propose a device that opens and closes inward like a book or closes down horizontally resembling a notepad.

Samsung established this on other products, such as its 48-inch ultra-wide computer monitor. In contrast to this, a foldable display smartphone could also provide to make a device more compressed.

A built-in screen protector

A smartphone that can fold inward would be its screen protector, depending on the matter of the outside layer.

It would, however, be a totally different story, and likely more throbbing for a user, if the device falls face-down while open.

It might be a bulkier device 

Most smartphone manufacturers have exhausted years making devices leaner and lighter, but a foldable smartphone is more likely to be heavier and bulkier to handle.

Currently, there is no sign of how a device with an actual foldable display would price regarding thickness. Regarding weight, such a device might be closer to a tablet rather than a phone.

It will most likely be expensive

Novel display technologies tend to make smartphones more expensive.

Samsung’s curved display smartphones have progressively increased in price over the preceding several years.

There is no suggestion of what Samsung’s foldable phone might cost, but for orientation, Samsung’s most expensive phone, the Galaxy Note 8, sells for about $950 in an international market.

A host of issues we can’t predict

Latest technologies almost always have a swarm of issues that don’t become noticeable until the product is on the market, and millions of people get a chance to endeavour it.

With regards to the Galaxy X foldable smartphone, there are no guesses as to what could go wrong with a device that has a display that can fold in the middle — but what is good is that if there are issues, people will have no problem expressing their opinions.

Samsung’s Edge Panel is an Obsolete Tech but Samsung Foldable  Smartphone is Future

For the Galaxy X, Samsung would likely trench its signature curved display design and its equivalent edge panel software features. It is unlikely that this foldable smartphone would have a foldable screen and curved edges both.

Samsung’s edge panel fundamentally serves as a second screen, hosting app shortcuts and other simple access functions; however, the users can’t access the main screen at the same time.

A foldable phone could have an advantage of being able to host more apps on the home screen as well as enhanced multitasking between apps.

Anticipate extremely limited availability to start

Samsung’s foldable smartphone could release as a market sample with very restricted availability. You can use the device as per the test for future products that have a better chance of wowing consumers.