How to Send Stickers to Your Friends in WhatsApp?

As per the reports of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will soon let you add contacts using QR codes. The feature is available in a recent beta version for iOS. However, the feature will gradually make its way in Android as well.

Just like the Nametag and Snapcode feature of Instagram and Snapchat, users will have their own QR codes. One will be able to add you to their contact list by just scanning your QR code. Furthermore, once successfully added WhatsApp will update the info in its local database as well. The QR code can be revoked as well to stop indefinite usage.


Not only this but WhatsApp is testing a new interface to add contacts directly from WhatsApp. Currently, you have to add someone into your contacts first and then have to wait until the app updates its local database. However, when this feature will roll out it will make chatting to someone you just met a lot more efficient.

This new feature will come really handy to the small business owners. If you’re one of them now you will be able to just show your QR codes to your customers or clients and they will be able to add you to their contacts without any hassles. It will be helpful if you take custom orders from your clients via WhatsApp.

The feature will come to full use when the WhatsApp payments feature will roll out to everyone. It will be more useful then to send money to someone by just scanning their QR code, just like Paytm lets you do now.

It is not yet clear when the feature is going to roll out for the mass. However, considering WhatsApp’s latest development history it shouldn’t take more than a fortnight. Let us know what you think about the feature in the comments.

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